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Aug 28, 2008 10:17 AM

LA to Vegas bound eats

Try BAKER'S in Victorville (I think that's the closest one on the drive to LV). Their hamburgers are good for a fast food joint, but their Mexican stuff slays me in that "god, this is trashy-yet-oh-so-excellent fast food" kinda way.

I think -- perhaps -- heaven is a Baker's green burrito with extra green sauce (something about Baker's green sauce has always appealed to me in a major way). Try their packets of hot sauces which, if memory serves, are manufactured in San Bernardino or Riverside or some such godforsaken place (you can forgive me, I've lived in San Berdoo before).

Let the warm goodness of the flour tortilla melt away with the zingy, somehow indescribable green sauce, and try not to get any melted cheddar cheese on your chin (or bow-tie, as the case may be).

I've done some searches here on the 'hound and haven't found much in the way of Baker's -- which has been around since at least the mid-1970's in the Inland Empire. It's not like this small chain is some kind of secret, is it?

All I know is when I'm off to LV or Palm Springs, Baker's is summarily consumed either on the trip to or the trip home.

Muy especial - "very special" (taken from the menu at NoHo's Mucho Mas, ROFLMAO).

Win some (winsome) in Vegas, have a safe trip.


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  1. If you get a little hungry for a snack in the desert, stop in at the Alien Jerky place in Baker. If the jerky doesn't mean much, their Tshirts are worth a gander. Some are pretty runny.

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      Stop by the Mad Greek in baker....They have decent food...I always stop by there on the way to vegas...

      1. re: PWORD9D8

        Mad Greek serves up a serious order of fried zucchini -- hand-made there in the shop if my memory serves. Fine, fine stuff, those fried zucchini sticks.

        And, their t-shirts aren't runny. At all. In fact, they stay on just fine. :)


    2. As the original Poster of this Split and moved thread, the original can be found here:

      That Said I have been to Bun Boy now Big Boy, and Mad Greek in Baker We'll put Baker's on the list for later