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Aug 28, 2008 11:55 AM

Low or no corkage? KC

I was looking in my wine storage and realized we have about four bottles that might be better sooner rather than later. Not a bad problem to have! Of course, we can drink them at home, but I remembered that Spin has $1 corkage on weekdays, and started wondering about other restaurants. A quick google search only turned up that Alladin Cafe has no corkage. Do any KC hounds know of restaurants with low or no corkage on some days of the week? Thanks!

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  1. The best way is to call the actual restaurant and ask, if they do not have it on their web sight. Charging corkage and bringing wine into a restaurant in MO is breaking the law. I do not think that the customer can get into trouble, but the restaurant can be fined or lose there liquor licence. There are restaurants that my let you because they want the buisiness but it is a risk they take. In KS it is legal. I know 40 Sardines had corkage free Thursdays but I am not sure of other restaurants?

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      It is legal in Kansas but not so in Missouri. Damn near ruined my one year anniversy.

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        I thought the ban on byob was only in KC, MO because of a city ordinance, and isn't a statewide ban? Oh, I'm confused now.

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          It is legal in the state of MO. But illegal in the city of Kansas City. The city wants the tax from the sale. The state of of Kansas and most of the cities in JoCo allow byob. And it is illegal (in KCMO) for anyone to consume alcohol in public if a venue if it does not have a liq licence. Call the city they'll tell you the same thing.

    2. There's a noodle restautant on 59th in Brookside - The Noodle Shop. They had no corkage a while back - not sure if that's changed. 816-444-4629.

        1. Succotash down at City market has no fee corkage services every wednesday evening for supper. Hardly against the law!!

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            LOL! Mmmmmm....yea....Succotash is breaking the law.

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              Wait a sec! My husband tells me that restaurant has NO liquor license (so no threat to lose something they don't have!) All they do is provide you glassware (or plastic, sometimes!) and you open and serve your own wine. So........maybe they won't get in trouble after all. That's a charming restaurant.....

          2. Double check on Alladin Cafe. The last time we tried to bring out own bottle they said we couldn't. Good luck!