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Aug 28, 2008 11:25 AM

Request "Gold Coast" suggestions

We will be visiting Chicago in mid-September and staying on E Delaware nr Michigan Ave. Looking for dinner suggestions, preferably walking distance. We do pretty much everything and would like a selection of what the area has to offer. "Fancy" not a requirement.


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  1. Pane Caldo for Italian, Walton St west of Michigan. Rosebud Steakhouse, Walton St. east of Michigan. Bistro Zinc, Rush Street. Don't remember the name, but there's a good not fancy Tahi place on the NW corner of Clark and Chicago.

    1. Gibson's for steak, Hugo's for seafood, Big Bowl for cheerful stir-fries, Original Pancake House for breakfast. Totally ignore McCormick & Schmick, and we think Carmine's is 'way over-rated for Italian and that, long ago, they should have left Bit of Sweden in that spot.

      1. The Grill on the Alley (first floor of the Westin on Michigan & Delaware) is quite good. LOVE their Lobster Bisque. Spaggia on Michigan for upscale Italian (do a search on Spiaggia on this board, highly rated) or it's sister less expensive Cafe Spiaggia. I also really enjoy Cru Wine Bar at Rush & Delaware. Intimate/casual wine bar with outdoor seating for great people-watching.

        Since you'll be right there, walk north of Delaware on Rush Street. Good people-watching, plenty of restaurants, cool bars (jazz). Just ask your concierge about "the triangle"...

        Oh, and Goddess & Grocer at Rush & Delaware. It's an upscale grocer....good if you wanted to pick something up to bring back to your hotel, though there are limited seats to eat there as well.

        Winsor, I think you're thinking of Panaang (sp?)?

        1. Thanks for all the hints. Our trip was great. The best meal we had was at Rosebud on Rush.