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Aug 28, 2008 10:47 AM

Middlesex County Happy Hours (for food).

Decided that we're going to hit up a happy hour today after work and gnosh on some apps and have a few drinks. While I can always come up with a dinner spot....a "dit at the bar and gnosh on apps" place I could not. Doesn't have to be a happy hour "special" just a decent place with a bar menu.....preferably close.

Only options I could come up with close to me are Gusto Grill on 18 in EB and Brunswick Grove....

We've been to Gusto a lot in the past...and one of our problems is you have to sit at the actual bar to get the happy hour special, and it's usually crowded, can't get two seats next to each other....and they won't honor the special in the "bar area" high tables that I can touch the the bar from sitting (literally a foot away and you can't reserve, because they are bar tables). That kind of urks me enough not to go.

which other ones am I missing?

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  1. Cheesecake Factory recently came out with a happy hour menu for weekdays 4-6 pm.

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    1. re: yCf

      that would involve trekking rt1 from rt18 during rush hour unfortunately.

      1. re: RPMcMurphy

        Milltown AppleBee's or Ruby Tuesdays at Brunswick Sq.?

    2. i'm guessing i'm replying too late for happy hour...but just in case you decide to go again there is a decent little inn in spotswood which is a stones throw from east brunswick they have nightly specials, music, etc.

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      1. re: p314n

        Duh, I forgot about cambridge...ended up going to gusto and it turned out to be good anyway. Next time.

        I enjoy cambridge.

        1. re: RPMcMurphy

          Slum it. Sayreville Bar. Free buffer at half time w/ Monday Night Football.

          1. re: Passadumkeg

            Sayreville's a good choice - but ! It's closed for renovation ! Stopped by last night ! Wound up going to Krakowiak instead and you're right about the menu ! The sampler platter is $ 10.50 - even more of a bargain !