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Aug 28, 2008 10:32 AM

Cynthia's (Post Cynthia)

Anyone been to Cynthia's on 3rd lately? Has it changed (for better or worse) with Cynthia no longer there? Anything worth trying besides the fried chicken and cobbler?


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  1. definitely better less tense atmophere.

    menu is the same - decent caesar salad, not personally a fried chicken fan there, usually get the fish special. cobbler is still, well, the cobbler.

    1. I went pretty recently, but I have never been pre-Cynthia (or more like, then-Cynthia?).
      I myself got the chicken and cobblers but I also managed to try one of their fish specials that day, which was really good!
      I posted my review on it here:
      if you want to look at more details.

      1. How long has she been gone? I was there a couple months ago and remember expensive, decent but unremarkable food served in a hip atmosphere. So hip in fact that they told us (a part of 8) they couldn't turn down the uncomfortably loud music, because they're "trying to create a vibe". : )

        On the bright side, these days it should be a lot easier to get a table.

        1. What happened to Cynthia? Where did Cynthia go?

          1. Why was she a problem? I ate there once during her reign. Had the fried chicken and cobbler. I didn't observe any of her theatrics.

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              i think when people post about her theatrics the post gets pulled. take some wild guesses, then assume way worse. the fried chicken is awesome and so is the cobbler. i plan to go again this fall.

              1. re: lotta_cox

                But what happened to her, did she sell, did she have partners and was ousted? Just curious where she is. Did she start or starting a new restaurant? Curious minds want to know.

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  I was told that her son runs the restaurant now and that she comes back every few months or so. I think the waiter said that she moved to Arizona(?) or was it Texas. The fried chicken and cobbler are spectacular and the chopped salads are good. The food is pretty much the same but yes, the whole drama of Cynthia is over.