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Aug 28, 2008 10:28 AM

Looking for good place for drinks in Gastown

Coming into Vancouver this weekend for a foodie tour. Looking for a good place for drinks in Gastown. Were in Vancouver in June, had a very good trip. Late dinner at Bin 941, dinner at West, lunch at Cioppinos (I think I spelled that wrong) and then late dinner at Kinyo. This trip going to dinner at Boneta tomorrow night, then lunch at Fuel, dinner at Hapa, and then dinner Sunday at Parkside. Really looking forward to it. Vancouver has such great restaurants. Was at Chill Winstons last time, and that was very good, but the prices were pretty steep. Wondering if there are any recs for good happy hours in Gastown. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Any further recs for dinner or lunch would be appreciated as well.

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  1. Boneta is great for drinks. Make sure to indulge after your dinner there. Also great are Cobre, Chambar (one of my favourite cocktail spots) and Salt (for wine, etc.).

    1. I'm a big fan of Six Acres. Large (50 or so) bottled beer selection from all over, decent bourbon offerings and classic cocktails.

      Another place to check out is the Greedy Pig for lunch and/or cocktails. Small cocktail list, but all whisky/whiskey based and created by Nick Devine (of the Cascade Room). Lots of fresh purees and vibrant flavors. Also, their sandwiches are great. Duck confit sandwiches are always a positive in my books.

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        I've never had cocktails at the Pig...if Nick Devine created the list, then it will for sure be a great place to drink. The Alibi has a big beer selection as well.

      2. The Revel Room just outside Blood Alley (where Salt is) has some great cocktails. They open at 4 - I think and they are open late including the kitchen. Great for late night snacks and at midnight you get milk and cookies :)

        1. salt, irish heather (it's still there right), boneta - but salt for sure!!

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            Boneta for drinks is great! I had a fabulous jalapeno martini at lunch there last year.

            I also really enjoy Salt Tasting Room - even if you aren't eating they have decent wine there.

          2. Just got back from Vancouver two weeks ago. Highly recommend Fuel, and I'd say sit at the bar and watch them cook/ interact with the chefs, probably get an extra course or amuse out of it.
            As for drinks, I'd recommend Salt Tasting Room, and Six Acres. SIx Acres is a neat concept, no draft beers, and there is a bit of scaffolding around the outside area, but otherwise enjoyable. Good selection of beers, didn't try cocktails, but if I knew they had Bourbon, I would have stayed there even longer. Food was nice, small shareable portions, and the fondue pot looked great on the table next to us.
            Salt was a neat place, very minimalist, friendly staff and decent selection of wines and small plates. If you don't know what to get they can help, but be careful, their explanations and recommendations can get lengthy. A nice place overall, but in a little weird location.
            Parkside was nice, the outdoor area is secluded and beautiful, but they stop seating out there at 8ish. Our meal was good, but no where up to the level of food we had at Fuel a few days earlier.
            I'd recommend Gastropod, next to Fuel, as another dinner destination.
            I'll post a full writeup on Fuel, but I'd say it was one of the best meals I've had in a long time, NYC, Vancouver, or otherwise.

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              Great to hear you had a great meal at Fuel. It's one of my favourite spots. It has excellent cocktails. Gastropod is also excellent - not sure from your post if you had a chance to dine there. Angus An is on his way to be a superstar chef.

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                So glad to hear you had such a great meal at Fuel. It's one of my favourite resto's as well. Anywhere. Their lunches kick serious ass as well.

                Drink in Gastown: all of the usual's have been told said: Boneta, Cobre, Chill Winston, Salt, Irish Heather, Revel. They're all good choices, would (and do) recommend all of them depending on your preferences. Haven't drank at Greedy Pig before, might have to try it out. If you want some micro brews (but don't eat the food!) check out Steamworks. All brewed right there, in house. Some goodies.