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magnetic knife strip - falling knives?

don't want a knife block cluttering up my counter space but don't really have a good wall to attach a strip onto (tiled back splash). so i was thinking of attaching a magnetic strip to the underside of my upper cabinets since there's a bit of lip that hides the lighting and can therefore hide the strip. so that means it will be lying horizontally, very different than most setups.

but will it hold?

the one i've purchased is this one:
and it claims to hold 3lb implements with a 1in width very well... so i figure a chef knife at least 2" across and under 3lb should be ok right?

i'm just very nervous because under the cabinet/over the counter leaves a large area for them to fall onto me or someone else and that my newest knife is $$$ and someone has already broken the tip off. i really don't want chipped knives by the end of it.

also, considering the style of this magnetic strip, has anyone ever experienced a knife blade chipping from the magnetic force pulling the knife blade edge into it?


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  1. that setup scares me. If you've got good knives, you probably keep them sharp and I can imagine your knives being difficult to access safely and possibly falling off the magnetic strip. Have you considered or do you have room for an in-drawer holder, something like this: http://www.cooking.com/products/shpro...;

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      your link didn't work for me but i think i know what you're talking about. i could and would consider it but i don't have an inch of drawer space to give up. i have a total of 4 drawers in my entire kitchen and they're 9" wide, one is also much too deep.

      i didn't think access would be too much of an issue... it is about a 2ft strip for 7 knives and it would be eye level. but the falling is what scares me.

      1. I don't know about mounting the knives horizonatlly, but am a big advocate of the magnetic strips, and have never had a problem with the magnet causing damage. It seems improbable; you hold the flat of the knife up to the magnet as you're storing it, so the edge never makes contact (unless you're using single-beveled blades stored with the non-beveled side against the magnet).

        If difficulty of installation is what's deterring you from mounting the strip on the tile backsplash, don't let it. It's easy to do; you just need a power drill and an inexpensive tile or masonry bit that's the right size for your screw anchors.

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          it's not a single bevel but a double beveled japanese steel. you're right, about the simple magnetic contact... i'm just being a worry wart.

          i'm actually in a rental unit and don't think my landlord would be too pleased with the wall installation.... otherwise i've gladly built and installed my own furniture.

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            Hmmm, maybe heavy-duty double-stick mounting tape? 1"x1" squares are rated to hold 2 pounds, so a strip the length of the magnetic strip should be more than enough to keep things in place. It'd be a pain to get the residue off of the tile when you move, but it might be a solution in the meantime.

            I'd be very nervous about mounting the knives under the cabinet. The magnet is probably more than enough to hold their weight, but if you bump a handle you might tip the knife away from the magnet enough that it falls. My knives occasionally slip when I bump their handles, but when they do the magnet catches them further up the blade. With a horizontal mount you don't have that extra level of safety. And if a knife falls, a chipped edge or broken point may be the least of your worries.

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              Alanbarnes has your answer. I used that method to mount a mag strip on tile and it held for 2 years or more. Use the foam type tape and when you need to take down the strip just use a flexible knife to cut through it. If you try to pry the strip loose you'll probably break some tiles. You may need to use some kind of solvent to remove the tape residue (although vegetable oil, scotch brite and lots of elbow grease will do the job).

              Loose knives hanging above my hands while I prep food -- very scary.

        2. The Mag Blok http://www.benchcrafted.com/ has a wood veneer over the magnets so there is no metal to metal contact. They also look really good and can be made to match your cabinetry.

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            What about the knife blocks that mount underneath you cabinets?

            or this one for the drawer?

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              Scubadoo, thanks so much for posting that link! The magnetized wood blocks look great and the prices are quite reasonable.

              Do you use the Mag Blok in your kitchen? If so, have your knives ever fallen off the block? The reason I ask is that the only space we have to install a mag blok is on a wall with no counter. So if a knife accidentally falls off the blok, it would fall directly on to our bamboo floor.

              Like the OP, I have very few drawers in my small galley kitchen, and my knives currently take up an entire drawer. So it would be great if I could free up that drawer space for something else.

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                I don't use a Mag Blok or any other mag strip. We have a tile back splash and my wife would not be happy with me drilling into it to install a knife strip. I have two drawers dedicated to knives. All have edge guards or are in their boxes. I have heard only good things about Mag Blok and they show some pretty heavy knives on their display. You might want to call them to ask any questions.

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                  Okay, will do. Thanks again for the link to Mag Blok!

            2. my wife got me an under the cabinet swivel block.pretty nice actually and each slot has a small magnet so they stay in place.


              1. i will go through my drawers again to see if i can find some space, since some of those units are pretty narrow i might be able to make it work.... maybe.

                but that under the counter swivel something or other looks like a good solution. how many chef/santoku style knives can it hold? i've got 3 right now.....

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                  it really only has 1 slot for a wide blade knife.i keep a santoku in there along with a smaller ken onion kinfe and a few others.

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                    sorry about the bad link, hopefully this one will be better


                    the small in drawer knife holders are only about 61/2 inches wide and they hold, i think 5 big knives and 6 smaller ones. The biggest one I have in mine is a 10 inch solingen chef's so they can handle pretty big knives in a small space

                  2. You could double up the number of magnetic strips if you want more holding power. Or these strips claim 9 lbs. magnetic pull.


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                      two just won't fit underneath the cabinet because it would end up blocking the light and i don't think there's enough to affix it too. thanks though :)

                    2. How about mounting the strip on the inside door of a cabinet or a pantry closet? You can test to measure. Most cabinet doors have at least an inch or more clearance to the outside edge of each shelf. Pick a cabinet that is not opened much for most things so that you don't have too much movement and see if it will fit That might work.

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                        all my upper cabinets are glass fronted and i've only got about 2 doors on the bottom. i could.... but then i'm concerned with all the opening and closing of the doors (this area contains the garbage, recycling, plastic baggies and cleaning supplies) will end up making them slip/fall. i'm not entirely sure if drilling into the cabinetry would be preferable to the landlord either....

                      2. I have two magnetic knife bars. The knives get bumped occasionally, which causes them to fall down. They're in a corner over a counter I don't care about (plus, I have crummy knives), so this isn't a big issue for me. But I would be scared to put a horizontal bar over a working area, especially if I liked my knives (or my countertop).

                        Surely, Ikea or someone sells a hanging knife rack that has hooks to loop it over a metal bar. Then you could install that bar somewhere where there's room. (On a door? Above a window? In the front hall?)

                        Or - is your fridge magnetic? If so, how about gluing really strong magnets (from my favorite store, KJmagnetics.com) to a lightweight plastic knife block? Then you could slap that baby on the fridge. Note that some testing would be a good idea, to determine the strength of magnets needed.

                        Me, I've got several magnetic holders on my fridge, and I love them. They really help free up drawer and counter space. Though I haven't tried anything really heavy like knives, yet.

                        Good luck finding the right solution!


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                          I LOVE my magnetic strip and I bought it when my daughter was little and put it up very high where she'd never reach it. I have never had a problem with them chipping or falling and I bought a relatively cheap one at Ikea. It came with long screws and I drilled them in. You could, just for assurance, place one underneath the other for extra strength.

                          And THIS one is really cool and takes up less space than a block (I love this site)


                        2. The Mag-blok looks great, but any other recommended brands? Amazon has a ton of brands available. Have a full set of Messermeisters (incl 8" chef + 7" santoku) wanna get off my countertop