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Aug 28, 2008 09:45 AM

Soup and Sandwich

The recent thread asking does anyone still buy instant coffee, canned vegetables and condensed soup got me thinking, I see a lot of people (including myself) like Campbells soups. What are your favorite S&S combos? For me tomato soup must have either a cheese or a tuna sandwich, Chicken noodle a Chicken or Turkey sanwich. Maybe I am anal, but the right sandwich for the right soup. What are your favorite S&S combos?

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  1. I love grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup, or a BLT with broccoli cheddar soup (with extra bacon bits on top, of course). However, I make both soups from scratch. I really only use the condensed stuff in casseroles.

    1. I like that campbell's soup that comes in a yellowish/golden box. I think it's "campbell's selects" and soup is roasted tomato or something like that?
      Anyways my boyfriend and I love to dip our grilled cheese (sourdough with vintage aged cabot cheddar) into that. tasty stuff

      1. grilled turkey, or ham and cheese and a can of Campbells BEan and Bacon soup is an almost weekly meal at our house.

        1. Grilled cheese and tomato soup

          Tomato sandwich and NE Clam Chowder

          Hot dog and gazpacho

          Chinese "man-tou" and hot and sour soup

          Patty melt and corn chowder

          Fried baloney sandwich with Chinese egg drop soup

          1. I think grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup is universal. I don't want white bread and I don't want Kraft Singles or any other cheese "food" slices.

            I like to mix bean with bacon and tomato soup, neither diluted.

            Chicken corn chowder with swiss and avocado on whole grain toast

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              I think i have seen you, or someone else post about the Bean and Bacon & tomato soup mixed together method.... I may have to try it.