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Aug 28, 2008 08:45 AM

One week in Naples, Maine. Where to get the best lobster?

We're spending the first week of Sept. in Naples. I've searched the boards for lobster recommendations but about the only thing I found is that most folks don't recommend the Naples Lobsterpound. Any other suggestions within a 10-15 mile radius? We're happy to buy fresh and cook it ourselves! Thanks a million.

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  1. Bob's Seafood in Windham, Barney's Seafood in Raymond, Fisherman's Net in Raymond.............

    1. Butchers Seafood on 302 on your right shortly before you get to Naples. Fisherman's Net in Raymond.

      1. Haven't had the lobster there but I second Bob's in Windham for fish and chips and fried scallops. Lobsterpound is completely overrated.

        1. Have Bob's or another lobster pound(even the local Hannford/Shaw's will do this for you) steam the lobster- take it home and enjoy the butter mess without a room full of diners...Esp good short cut when it's hot and humid...