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Aug 28, 2008 08:31 AM

Ron's Cajun Connection Review.

Finally made it to Ron's last week in Utica. The wife and I ordered the appetizer sampler---fried gator, shrimp, crawfish and pair of boudin balls. It was all very, very tasty...the gator was the best I've ever had. Dinner wasn't so hot though. The boss had the fried shrimp which was, again, excellent. I had a combo of shrimp creole, jambalaya and more fried shrimp. The jambalaya was very, very sweet and although I prefer tomato-based jambalayas, I've had a number of 'brown' ones that were tasty too. The creole, though was super sweet as well, tasting of cheap canned tomato paste and unfortunately served over crunchy rice. I've only spent 10 days in NO, but I'm sure crunchy rice isn't a normal pairing with any creole dish.

The pecan pie was very good, the staff was very friendly and the fried food was as good as I've ever had. I'll be back, but I'll pass on the creole.

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  1. next time try the gumbo, red beans and rice, and the etouffee's, also his crawfish boils are cheap, and very good.

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    1. re: swsidejim

      I did have the gumbo...liked it very much, beefier than any I've previously had.

      1. re: chris in illinois

        nice chunks of slow cooked pork, and sausage as well.

        I have been to Rons maybe 25 times in the last couple of years since I moved out west from the rat race that is Chicago. His nightly specials can be very good as well. Sometimes soft shell crabs, sometimes Dungeness crab.

        1. re: swsidejim

          Three of us went to Ron's for the first time last week. We went based upon the usually glowing reviews both here on on LTH forum. The food was great. We started with the gumbo, the best I've ever tasted. We had the cajun combo platters with six different items. We had the bubba shrimp, shrimp etoufee, shrimp creole, crawfish creole, red beans and rice w/sausage, and fried alligator. I had never eaten alligator before. It has a chew between chicken and clam, and has a flavor reminiscent of a seafoody chicken, at least to me. I liked it a lot. The red beans and rice without sausage might be a little bland, but the sausage adds a lot of flavor. We had the toasted pecan pie with ice cream for dessert. Wow! that was the best pecan pie I've ever eaten.

          Ron stopped at the table and talked. He was friendly and appears to be quite a character.

          I have a good fiend who lives a little farther west past Utica near route 80, so stopping at Ron's for dinner on the way home to the western suburbs is an easy and natural thing to do.

          We'll definitely be back.

          1. re: redchile

            I am glad you liked it,

            I also post on LTH, but as jimswside, so I am there singing Ron's praises as well. We went to 2 of his crawfish boils this year, and they were great. 3 lbs for like $20 with gumbo included.

            I live about 15 minutes east of there between Ottawa & Morris off of I-80, so we get to go quite often.

    2. I'm glad to read another report about Ron's. We've been there just once and alto the Buba shrimp was good, we didn't think the etoufee, gumbo or red beans and rice were anything special. I didn't care for the way they seat you --if a table isn't full, they just put you with whoever is sitting there. I'm thinking from all the glowing reports that maybe we just hit it on an off nite, which certainly can happen. I too, only live about 35min. from there, so we'd really like to love this place. I'm going to give the place another try and hope it will live up to all the raves!