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Aug 28, 2008 08:30 AM

Best of Philly in 24 hours?


We are staying overnight in Philadelphia this weekend. Neither of us know the area at all. Can anyone recommend a must-visit in downtown Philly?


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  1. About a hundred of them.. but we're going to need a few more details, such as:

    - Where you're staying
    - Which night is 'overnight'
    - What's your budget
    - What you like and don't like to eat

    1. Your post is too general. Philly is a great food town and there are hundreds of great choices. What are you looking for? Fancy? Casual? Hole-in-the-wall? Expensive? Trendy? Any particular cuisines? Do you care if it has a bar? Any part of the city?

      1. A must visit is Reading Terminal Market at lunchtime. One of the best markets anywhere! You will find wonderful choices for lunch or snacks. Closed by evening.

        1. I agree with all the posters. :) Especially about a visit to Reading Terminal Market. There is a post from today that asks the questions "Where would you go again and again?" I read though it and totally agree with the posters. I'd start there with places for you to try while in town.

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            Gotta visit Reading Terminal Market, especially if you will be in the market on Friday or Saturday. Eat massive pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place or roast pork for lunch at DiNic's. Admittedly, the market is not as exciting on Sundays because all of the Amish merchants are closed. It puts the Eastern Market to shame...

            Also, make sure to try gelato at Capogiro.