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Aug 28, 2008 07:45 AM

Una Pizza Napoletana East 12th St. Worth a trip?

I've heard this is a great place to go, anyone have any feedback?

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  1. i'm a believer. but some complain about the price/size ratio. i don't.

    ps - i think they are closed for another week or two(vacation) so you may want to check on that before you go...

    1. Yes absolutely - there are plenty of threads debating Pizza in New York and UPN always comes out in the must-visit list.

      Do a search and you'll come up with plenty of feedback here's a recent thread.

      Couple things to note: They're currently closed for a month while the owner takes his annual trip to italy; They make their dough fresh daily and close when they use up their day's supply, so it pays to go early; They only offer four pizzas, which are all individual-sized and no other food.

      Personally I love it, but I have to say that it's not for everyone.

      1. Ditto to what TBird and Spends Rent on Food said.

        1. The pizza is excellent, but a single guy is making it, and you pretty much have to adhere to his rules and philosophy.
        2. It's $20 a pie. It feeds about one person. If you are worried about tastiness to price ratio, this ain't the place to go.
        3. If you like slices, don't come here. Ditto if you want to put oregano on your pie or hot pepper flakes or lots of sausage or other toppings.
        4. It isn't NY style pizza. It's Naples style. Wood oven. The crust is great but he can be a little stingy on what he puts on it. It's really a minimalist's pie. Crust, sauce or cherry tomatoes or no sauce at all, basil, cheese, sea salt.

        1. it's closed until september 11. note that he's only open thursday through sunday. i try to get there as soon as the doors open (5 p.m.) so i can snag a seat up front and watch him work.

          1. Thanks to all for your comments!