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Aug 28, 2008 07:43 AM

Good food in Jackson, MS

Looks like I might be spending a couple of days in Jackson, MS this weekend. I'm interested in good moderate places to eat. Barbecue is always a plus, but I'd be interested in anything good...

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  1. Lebowski, if you are going to be in Jackson this weekend, I do hope that you have already made arrangements for a place to stay. It seems that most of the hotels in the area are already booked with MS and LA Gulf Coast hurricane evacuees. I imagine most of the restaurants are going to be hopping this weekend with all of the additional people.

    There are several threads about Jackson that you can find by searching. Look at the top of the white box and find “South” written in red. Just to the right of that is “Search this board”. Click on that, enter Jackson, MS in the empty box, and hit “Search”. You will get the most recent threads about Jackson.

    IMO, Jackson is not much of a bar-b-que town. There are some good, small mom-and-pop’s and gas station bar-b-que places in some of the out lying towns.

    Since I don’t know where you are staying, whether you will have a car, what “moderate: means to you, etc., I can’t give you many specifics. I will list some of my Jackson (in town) favorites beginning with the least expensive and increasing in price.
    - Cherokee, Rooster’s, Scrooge’s, Broad Street Bakery, Sal & Mookie's, Basil’s of Belhaven, The Mayflower, Crechel’s, Walker’s Drive In, and Char.

    Happy dining in Jackson!