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Aug 28, 2008 07:25 AM

vegan and or vegetarian near Media/Swarthmore

My daughter just started Swarthmore and I will be meeting her for dinner near by..Any
suggestions for restaurants near by where we can eat? She's vegan I am not..
Also Chinese delivery to Swarthmore???

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  1. The restaurant scene is not great in the area.
    I think your best bet might be "Azie" in Media.

    There is a Chinese place in "downtown" Swathmore in the "Ville" but I do not know how good it is. I am sure your daughter will be eating there frequently. I cannot recall the name. If you call the Swarthmore Co-op they can give you the name since it is next door!
    Let me know where you go.
    A great place for lunch in Media is "House" at 110 S. Jackson Street. They have great salads and sandwiches. The owners are from San Francisco. Small place, a bit slow since they make to order (if in a hurry you may want to call ahead at lunchtime), but excellent.
    (FYI- Trader Joes will have the best selection of organic veggies around- just an FYI for your daughter.)

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      Chen Hing is the chinese restaurant in Swarthmore. It was great 8 years ago when I lived in the area.

      I love Countryside Market on Yale St. Excellent sandwiches with quite a few vegetarian options.

      Media is close by, with lots of wonderful options. Many claim the area to be a culinary wasteland. I think they're nuts=) Nadia's Noodi Noodle House is a wonderful and affordable Thai restaurant with lots of vegetarian options. La Na is Thai French, slightly more expensive, but delicious.
      Fellini Cafe has a large pasta selection and we always found it to be tasty. I've not tried the newish Indian place, but hear it's also delicious.

      1. re: jessicheese

        There is a good and rather stylish thai restaurant in the same strip mall as Outback, quite close to Swarthmore which is a pleasant place to eat.
        the chinese place in the "Ville is pretty dreadful - the food is too sweet and there are other problems. Panera is not far, I generally dont like but they do have an excellent vegetable sandwich these days.

        During our vegan daughter's swarthmore career we went several times to Margaret Kuo's Peking Restaurant in the Granite Run mall. It is a few miles west of Swarthmore 1067 W Baltimore Pike, and offers a high quality selection of dishes, including veg dumplings.Japanese food, including bento boxes, is offered as well. We liked this much better than Ms. Kuo's restaurant on the main drag in Media, but that one is very popular too.

        1. re: jessicheese

          my daughter also recommends Countryside Market's sandwiches - she sadly notes that Sharples is not so good for a vegan.