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Aug 28, 2008 06:12 AM

Cinnamon Rolls Northend

I am looking for a good soft moist cinnamo roll that has lots of goo and nuts. The type that would make a breakfast in it self for big eater. No dried out ones Just warm and moist. In the Lynnwood or Everett area.

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  1. Go to the Maltby Cafe their Cinnamon Rolls are big and gooey.

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    1. re: Charles

      I have had theirs and they are great! I was hopping that I might find something closer to mukiteo

      1. re: hickdolphin

        Have you tried the rolls at Patty's Eggnest on the Speedway?

        1. re: MillCreek

          That will work I will try it
          I actually live in Eastern WA, but when I go visit my son in Mukelteo I always look for good places for breakfast.

          1. re: hickdolphin

            Patty's Eggnest is a great place for breakfast in Mukilteo. Don't know how old your son is, but it's very kid friendly too. I never have enough room for their cinnamon rolls. But I've seen it, and it looks yummy and gooey.

            1. re: rumgum

              Well my son is pretty young 27 But I will try Patty's for sure

              1. re: hickdolphin

                Having eaten them at both places, I would recommend the rolls at Patty's over the rolls at the Speedway Cafe. But the best ones are still at the Maltby Cafe.

                1. re: hickdolphin

                  My son is a cinnamon roll aficionado and he loves Patty's in Mukilteo. :)

      2. Brown Bag on 116th in Kirkland. OMG good cinnamon rolls!

        1. My cinnamon roll-loving friends swear by Grand Central Bakery. Obviously not in the right location, but getting all the favs out there!