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Aug 28, 2008 06:11 AM

Clash of the Ash, Quincy?

Just noticed this new pub last night in Quincy Center that replaced Sarsfield. Anyone try it yet? I'm assuming it's basic pub grub...

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  1. Not yet, but then I'd never been to Sarsfield, lo these many years.

    On a similar note, the newish Ken's NY Deli is now some other former I-HOP iteration. Guess the pastrami was not up to snuff.

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    1. re: SeaSide Tomato

      It's now Rocco's Something-or-Other Roast Beef & Seafood. Hubby and I haven't been yet, but he went when it was Ken's and wasn't impressed.

      And, all the restaurants in Quincy Center are changing or disappearing. First the Holy Ground, now Sarsfields...and our fave sushi bar has been gone for a year now, we still haven't found a suitable, nearby replacement.

      1. re: plumtomato

        Plumtomato--could we be cousins????!!! :)

        What was your favorite sushi bar? I love Fuji 1546 (#?), have you tried that?

        I did have a Kagawa bento box lunch recently (felt I had to give them a chance as Fuji is always the first choice) and while I liked it, Fuji is better.

        1. re: SeaSide Tomato

          Culinary cousins, perhaps!

          There was a Sushi Time Too in the food court of the building that used to house the RMV and the $2.50 movie theatre...Steve the Sushi Chef was excellent, and the price was just right. I think we've been to Kagawa once, with some of DH's friends from his old workplace, and while it was neat to have a private little room, the quality wasn't as superb as Sushi Time Too and the prices were ridiculous. They closed up Sushi Time Too when the building was slated for destruction. We've been at sea ever since, and what is now Snappy Sushi on Newbury Street in Boston is our sushi place, though not convenient geographically.

          I've been to Fuji once. Wasn't over the moon about it.

          1. re: plumtomato

            I was having lunch at Little Q recently, and saw a brightly painted Sushi Time Too van parked in front. I wonder if they might have relocated somewhere. I'll ask next time I'm in, although relocation is a sad topic there.

            1. re: plumtomato

              Fuji, the original small sushi place, in Wollaston is decent, but not great. Fuji 1546 that Seaside_Tomato mentioned is it's hipper loungey place in Quincy Center. I haven't had a full sushi meal there, but I had something else and I thought the food was a notch below Fuji.

              Apparently the owners of Sushi Time live down my parents' house street. Their van is always parked in a driveway there, and I never connected the two. If I see them, I should ask them whether they're re-opening anywhere. I would kill for a good sushi place in Quincy.

              1. re: kobuta

                Ooo Kobuta,
                U have GOT to give Fuji1546 another try... They are da BOMB! We go there every sunday and are always exceedingly happy! They are on the best of the US almost every week. Granted below restaurants in NYC, but seriously we are lucky to have such high quality sushi here in our backyard. Their Fluke plate is to die for and its outrageously fresh- try it

                1. re: LadyAudio

                  Fuji 1546 isn't the same as it was 6-7 months ago. Quality has slipped and service has been even more chaotic. We're waiting to see if anyone reports improvement before we go back again.

                  1. re: LadyAudio

                    I think you would need to eat some sushi on the west coast before declaring NYC the best (and I do love NYC sushi places). I've had some pretty great sushi there from Seattle all the way down to CA. While I don't hold my nose as high as others would towards Boston-area sushi restaurants, I would also be far from crying that we have the best in the US from what I've had. We have good sushi options, and some glimmer of great places or great dishes from the places I've tried.

                2. re: plumtomato

                  Ah, Plummy, I will have to try Snappy Sushi. In Quincy, I like Beni Cafe for a quick or take out sushi fix--this is also by the same owner as Fuji 1546.

                  I will also have to try the "old' Fuji, which I have not been to in years, for comparison.

                  I'll keep an eye out for Sushi Time Too, in case they resurface-sounds really good.

                  1. re: SeaSide Tomato

                    We tried Beni Cafe once when I still lived in North Quincy...None too bad, didn't have the same friendly neighborhood atmosphere as Sushi Time Too had once, and if we're going to trek across town for sushi, we might as well go all the way and go to Snappy Sushi in Boston. They used to be Shino Express but I think the name changed this past summer. Still excellent quality food and great service. Nearest T station is Copley, and they're right around the corner on Newbury (nearer the Commons). If you're feeling a little adventurous, we recommend their Tuna Gone Wild fancy rolls.

                  2. re: plumtomato

                    My wife and I like the other Fuji place in Wollaston much better than the downtown location.

                    1. re: plumtomato

                      What is opening around the corner from Schoolhouse Pizza? I thought Sushi Time was moving there.

                      I also saw the Finnians is under new management.

                      1. re: redheadedjen

                        Jen I noticed this too and have been jealously watching since last spring for them to open! Sometimes there are lights on inside but there doesn't seem to be much other activity. :(

                        I noticed the "new management" sign at Finians as well, but haven't been there. It isn't Mr Plumtomato's sort of place.

                    2. re: SeaSide Tomato

                      I agree. Fuji is a great option for sushi on the south shore. If anyone knows of any place better, please tell me. We started going there when it was a 10 table storefront in Wollaston. The move to Quincy center changed the atmosphere dramatically but the food is still top notch. Service is frightningly bad if you sit in the restaruant so we always just sit at the bar.

                    3. re: plumtomato

                      UPDATE: Rocco's is gone and now it's a Brazilian restaurant!

                      1. re: plumtomato

                        I drove by there the other day and saw that. Looks really interesting. Anyone had a chance to visit yet? Is it like Terra Brasilis or one of those pay by the plate places?

                    4. re: SeaSide Tomato

                      I noticed that Ken's was gone last night on the way to Bay Point. Quincy is becoming cannibaliistic when it comes to restaurants. A casual observation is that 30% of downtown will be gone by this time next year. Other fringe restaurants, like Firefly's will be gone by the end of the year

                      1. re: jjbourgeois

                        jjbourgeois--how was the Inn at Bay Pointe??

                        I haven't been all summer. Last year a bunch of us went and thought it had gone downhill. I heard this year it may be back up. (BTW-I always thought it's "up" conisted of--good selection, fairly well executed, but not a destination except for it's location and outside deck--i.e. I would go as I live in Quincy and really enjoy it, but would not send someone to travel a distance).

                        So how did you find the food? I would defintely try to get a dinner on the deck in before the season is out if I thought things were looking up.


                        1. re: SeaSide Tomato

                          I just went to Inn at Bay Pointe for the first time, three weeks ago. It was almost exactly as I had pictured it, and the food as well. Just to give you an idea, I think I was the youngest person in the place, by a factor of about 20 years...

                          The evening was a bit cool, especially on the water. There was a 30 minute wait for a table, on a Thursday night, which surprised me. I figured the wait would be worse for a table on the deck, but when I asked about it, the hostess said, "oh, we can seat you there immediately, it's just too cold out for most of our other guests". I guess I could have seen that coming.

                          Anyway, I had the 2.5 pound baked stuffed "Lazy-Man's" lobster special. It was quite tasty. There was a lot of stuffing, but at least it had some nice scallops and shrimp hidden away in it. The lobster itself was sweet and tender and not over cooked.

                          My companion had the duck breast with raspberry sauce. It was a huge portion. It looked like it had to have been more than one breast. It was decent, if overcooked. I didn't really expect a place like that to be able to do duck particularly well.

                          The table next to us had the "sirlet" of beef, which I overheard the waitress saying was a combination of a sirloin and a filet. It looked nice.

                          I guess my overall impression was that if someone insisted on going there for dinner, especially in the summer when I could sit outside on the deck, I wouldn't object. I also think my 85yo father would love it.

                          However, I wouldn't probably be going back of my own accord.

                          Oh, and speaking of Rocco's/Ken's...I went there for breakfast about 2 weeks after they opened and was severely unimpressed. I doubt it's new reincarnation will be particularly successful either.

                          In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with Quincy's restaurant scene, except that people who open lousy restaurants with mediocre food aren't going to be very successful, and that's how it should be. I'd look more at the restauranteurs, such as the owners of Rocco's, and ask them why they think the product they are putting out, is worth anyone spending their hard earned money on?

                          1. re: mwk

                            Speaking of Rocco's...DH and I stopped in there tonight as a lark because neither of us wanted to drive too far from home. We were the only customers. Our steak and cheese subs were decent, but nothing to write home about. We paid with a Discover card, only to find the owner berating our waitress with "WE DON'T TAKE DISCOVER!" after we'd signed the merchant copy. He kept apologizing to us while going after her. He refunded the Discover and asked us for another card. DH was just about to go after him for going after the waitress when I stopped him (to her credit, the waitress never lost face -- gotta admire that).

                            Needless to say, we left there with very sour tastes in our mouths. And as much as we'd like to try the pastrami, chances are we won't be returning.

                          2. re: SeaSide Tomato

                            I personally like Bay Pointe. It is not gourmet by any means, but the food is good and portions are generous. Plus it's a good people watching place. The have a good prime rib and I like their arrancini (sic) appetizer.

                            1. re: SeaSide Tomato

                              As a side note, we considered booking the rehearsal dinner for our wedding at the Inn at Bay Pointe. The fish came highly recommended, but we had steak tip salad and crab cakes for lunch instead.

                              Two thumbs up on both fronts. So, four thumbs up total. Which works out, since there were two of us. The remoulade with the crab cakes was faaaantastic.

                              1. re: SeaSide Tomato

                                I'm also a fan of Bay Pointe, partially because of it's wonderful location and views, but I also think the food is good and consistent. A group of us were there this past winter for a holiday party and I didn't hear one complaint, which is highly unusual for this group! They do a great job with seafood, especially fried clams and they make a decent turkey dinner. The space has been updated in the past year and has a cozier feel to it now.