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Aug 28, 2008 05:56 AM

Need very fine mesh strainer

Dear Chowhounds,

Does anyone have a very fine mesh strainer, suitable for rinsing small grains, such as amaranth and teff.
Here is one that looks ok, but it's way too small and I'm not sure if it's fine enough for tiny amaranth grains.

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  1. A very fine mesh chinois may work...

    I use one to strain custards, but have never tried it to rinse tiny grains such as the ones you mention.

    1. here is a great selection:

      i'd recommend cheesecloth or a good cotton kitchen towel, if you don't want the expense of a good chinois, or really don't need to do the straining too often.

      in the link, there is a 10" fine mesh strainer that is mid-range price. but, if you already have a strainer, just line it with the cloth....