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Aug 28, 2008 04:36 AM

Great Mexican Found

Hey Hounds.

We went to La Mexicanada last night for dinner and it was excellent. It's in Bradford so it's a bit of a hike but not too far off the 400.

La Mexicanada Restaurant
32 Holland E
Bradford, ON L3Z 2B4

We had the tamales to start. One chicken and one pork. The meat was a little skimpy but the taste was good. The house made salsa that came with it though was awesome. Very tasty and lots of zip.

Next came the pozole. The small bowl was pretty large. It too was excellent. It was a little under salted which is fine for me. A little from the table and it was perfect comfort food. The last little bit at the end we added some of the left over salsa to and it was dynamite.

I had the chipotle chicken quesadillas and Mrs. Sippi had the beef burritos. Both were fantastic. The chipotle chicken was spicy without being really hot and just the right amount of salsa was on the burrito to make it sing.

The owner, Noe (No-eh) swears that everything he makes is "110% Mexican" from the central part of the country. He grew up just north of Mexico City and the food reflects that. His only cheat is he subs Monterey Jack for Oaxaca since it's much cheaper.

He also supplies the local butcher with a seasoning mix and has chorizo made and is sold in the resto. He was out of it but I will be back on Friday to pick some up.

If you're up that way and looking for some great Mexican, give it a try. You won't be disappointed.


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  1. Has anyone else tried this place? I'm looking for tips on good Mexican food in the Bradford area. Anyone know where Mexicans in the area eat?

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      My husband and I have been on several occasions. My (short) post here:

      Someone else chimed in a little further in that thread.

    2. hi all,

      just a quick note to say that we went to la mexicanada last night for dinner ... it was AWESOME!

      hubby had the combo platter - burrito, quesadilla, and a tostada (i think). i had five chicken tacos. we had three churros for dessert - hot, sweet, crunchy. everything was delish!!

      they don't serve horchata at the restaurant (boo) but the owner told me that horchata mix is sold at the bradford no frills ... i'm guess it's to meet demand from mexican population in the area!

      can't wait to go back!

      1. I sampled their pozole at the Holland Marsh Soup-a-Licious event yesterday and it was delicious -- quite chunky, with well-balanced flavours. I have to head up to the restaurant one of these days; the take-out menu I picked up has me salivating for more.

        1. El Sombrero in Mississauga at Britannia and Hurontaio.

          1. Finally had a chance to try this place. It was very good, head and shoulders above anything else in the Toronto area. It was so authentic that the service was surly and the cleanliness questionable. Also the menu was very basic and there wasn't much variety. Too bad its so far away.

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              "It was so authentic that the service was surly and the cleanliness questionable."

              What an awful generalization!