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Aug 28, 2008 01:59 AM

Liquor stores in Paris?

We've got most of a day in Paris tomorrow, and would love to find somewhere that has a good selection of unusual/classic spirits, if such a place exists. We'll be generally pretty central, getting in to Gare Austerlitz in the morning and taking the RER from Gare du Nord late afternoon. Other plans involve gorging ourselves on sweets at Pierre Herme, which should be good fun.

In case it helps, the bottle that would be the best prize would be some of the Elixir Vegetal de Chartreuse, but I think I have given up on finding it anywhere (after trying all over London and Limoges), but would love to bring back a bottle of something interesting in my suitcase.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You could try Lavinia (3, boulevard de la Madeleine 1eme) it is a very large wine shop with a spirits section upstairs (I think). Not much of a spirits drinker so can't help any more - if they don't stock it they may know who does.

    1. It's too late now, but just in case someone else is interested, or should you come to Paris in the future:

      I know the Caves Bossetti in the 4th (rue des Archives) have several Chartreuses in shop. They should have the Elixir according to their website (and they also mention some "Taragone du siècle", EUR 2,683).

      Also, if you're into single malts, you could try La Maison du Whisky in the 8th, near the Madeleine: great selection, and usually some good advice. They also sell some rums, vodkas, etc.

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        I'm in Paris for a few more days, and I was wondering if anyone's been able to find Carlshamn's flagpunsch anywhere? Most people have said Caves du Roy, but they're a no go. Going to try Maison whisky tomorrow, but if anyone has other ideas, that'd be great!

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          It's sooooo Swedish that I think you need to look for it at a Scandinavian épicerie or traiteur that caters to Swedish expats in Paris. I'm pretty sure there's one on the rue Duperré (Folies Pigalle on the corner) off the place Pigalle (not quite the place that one would expect for wholesome Swedes). I have spied bottles of booze in the window in the Maison Nordique on the boulevard Grenelle in the 15th and I'm sure they have a few other locations in Paris. While it's not specifically Scandinavian, the chain Autour de Saumon (one branch on the rue François Miron @ rue de Jouy in the St Paul quartier/ 4th) also sells akavit and other booze (so maybe Carlshamns flagpunsch) in its épicerie annexes. If all else fails, drop into the lovely courtyard café at the Institut Suédois on the rue Payenne in the Haut Marais/ 3rd and ask the Swedish manager where to find it.

        2. re: olivierb

          Bossetti does have the elixir, saw it a few months ago.

        3. For Chartreuse afficinados, I would suggest the boutique of L'Artisanat Monastique at 68 Bis Avenue de Denfert Rochereau, Paris 14. They have several types and ages of Chartreuse, as well as unusual items from monasteries all over France. It is next to the St. Vincent de Paul Hopital. RER B Port Royal would the closest stop.
          A hidden jewel of a store with beautiful articles not to be found elsewhere!