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Aug 28, 2008 12:00 AM

MILO chocolate malt drink is fantastic!!!

I've rediscovered an old favorite drink of mine from my childhood recently. Yes, it's MILO made by Nestle in that famous green can that some us are familiar with. I fell in love with this amazing drink all over again when somebody gave me a small tetra pak. Now that I'm totally addicted to this delicious drink again, I can't get enough of it. It's probably because this energy drink taste way better NOW than from the green can when you make it yourself.

MILO is just way better tasting than Ovaltine. Any other fans of this chocolate malt drink that "brings out the champion in you"? LOL Not my words, but their famous slogan over the years.

BTW, I'm now paying for a 3-drinks (200mL each) tetra pak for $2.99 at No Frills. Any smart shoppers know of stores that sell the tetra paks for cheaper? I'll still have MILO from the green can in powder form, but as I mentioned before it taste so much better coming from the little tetra paks (ready-to-drink). They are a bit expensive, but so worth the taste.

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  1. Yum! Milo is a staple at breakfast in many Caribbean countries. I too use the stuff from the can but will now look for the tetra packs at my local NoFrills. Thanks for the heads-up!

    1. I grew up on Milo too but never really liked it. I have the powder around the house but I never make it. I do sometimes grill bananas and put some milo powder on them, haha.

      1. Brings me back to the breakfast table at my grandparents' house in Port Of Spain. I should pick up some. Mmmmm, nostalgic!

        1. Saw Milo 3pk tetra-paks sold for $1.99 at T&T today.

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            Thank you very much for the tip. I'm heading to T&T right now to stock up because I'm pretty sure it's a sales price and a $1.99 is not their regular price.

          2. I agree that Milo is very tasty, and I was happy recently to find a good-sized jar of Milo at a good price at a new Asian market in my neighborhood. When I got home, however, I noticed that the label said the product was made in China. Now I'm reluctant to open the jar and use the Milo, for fear that it contains the Chinese melamine we've been reading about, which the Chinese milk producers have been adding to watered-down milk to boost nitrogen levels and produce high protein measurements. Any suggestions? I plan to return this to the market, but haven't managed yet to get over to it to do so.