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Aug 27, 2008 10:21 PM

Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park.

Believe it or not, Elite is the name of a infamous little restaurant in Monterey Park, passed the famous NBC Seafood Restaurant.

I went in there just because my friend said his cousin had a recent job there, and told him that this restaurant has the most fresh seafood, even more so than NBC.

I had to check this out, obviously knowing the fame of NBC, and the irony of Elite being as little as 3 blocks down. I end up at Elite for both Dim Sum (breakfast) and Dinner. The only time I've ever done that in my life (trust me, my personal life is filled with things to do).

I STRONGLY recommend this Chinese based restaurants to first the English or Americans who can't get enough Dim Sum, this has to be the most fresh and most delicate Dim Sum in Los Angeles, (if it doesn't suit you the way me, I say top 5) I strongly suggest to try their dinner menu after you have tried their dim sum. The reason i recommend this to Americans or other ethnics other than Asian is because the service towards non-Asians is phenominal. Talk about tolarating other ethnicities. I wasn't so sure when I saw Chinese letters and most Chinese People inside, how I would be treated, but to my surprise; the servants were neither too surprised or too misprised to see a non-Asian. This was a first.

You won't find me adding new topics very often either, but this one had me at the modern way of ordering dim sum. This restaurant is recommended for everyone, family, adults, rich or poor. Great choice in simple chinese dining, the only bad thing is the poor selection of beer. ;]


700 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Phone Number,
(626) 282-9998

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  1. We have enjoyed dim sum here perhaps more than 40 times...always fresh and delicious! The service is attentive and always with respect. On weekends, expect to wait -- but it is worth it!

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      Ah, couldn't put it better myself Liu! I usually go on weekdays, but invite friends for breakfast on weekends. IT'S PACKED, but worth it!

    2. Pretty much the best Dim Sum and service I've ever had in L.A. area.
      And the location is just ironic.

      1. servants or ;)

        "the servants were neither too surprised or too misprised to see a non-Asian"

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                haha, you've been to elite? what's your take?

                1. re: Humorousam

                  Seemed very typical Chinese. Some were nice, others indifferent. One lady seems to have a permanent scowl, but when this cute kid sat down, she started playing with him, teasing and even scolding him (in a nice way). So, eh, but I did really enjoy the dim sum, the only miss for me was that huge shark fin dumpling.

        1. I agree with you. Elite is one of the best dim sum/Cantonese restaurants around. Here is some more info for your reading pleasure:

          1. Just a brief Elite love story --
            I love the fermented black beans that they (and many other Chinese restaurants) use in some of their dishes. When I asked one of the managers at the desk (the lady with the glasses that is usually at their cash register) how I could purchase these beans in a Chinese market, she said that she would have some for me the next time I went to Elite for dim sum. Sure enough, she remembered and brought me my own personal container of these fermented black beans. And again, the next time I was there, she brought me another container to take home. How very thoughtful and kind!

            Every one of our many, many times something impresses us about Elite for dim sum! I think their egg tarts are the best of any I have had, and their almond muffins are luscious! I am also quite fond of their special vegetable rice noodles. Everything is superb!