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Aug 27, 2008 10:17 PM

Place Blanche

I'm staying in an apartment near the place Blanche soon. This is not my quartier. I am wondering about any gems near here, up into Montmartre. Usually don't go to this area, I know and love Casa Olympe. Any tips? Went a decade ago to Jean and loved it, but it seems to have long changed. Velly is good.

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  1. Actually both Velly and Chez Jean changed, but both are still very good, esp. Jean. Indeed Casa Olympe hasn't changed a bit. Also, there's Wally le Saharien for extraordinary couscous (rue Rodier@Tour d'Auvergne), Le Pétrelle (rue Pétrelle), and very great Japanese Hotaru (rue Rodier). A bit further but still within walking distance, La Grille (rue du faubourg Poissonière) and Chez Michel (rue de Belzunce). By the way, across the street from la Grille, le Grenier à Pain is a wonderful bakery/pastry shop. Speaking of which, in the rue des Martyrs, you have Delmontel and Seurre. Also a great cheese shop next to the Rose Bakery and facing Delmontel. Up the rue des Martyrs is Le Petit Budapest, very cheap and tasty Hungarian food. A very good neighbourhood on the whole.

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      merci bien!--this is super helpful and exciting.

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        "Jean" changed names from "Chez Jean" and lost Chef Bordier, who guided them to a Michelin star; consequently they closed briefly to re-load and opened as good as ever IMO. "Casa Olympe" is still the same...good. Velly has changed names to something like "Villa Victoria" and I haven't been.

        If you are a beef eater, then "Corneil" on Rue Condorcet has a good côte du boeuf for 2 at a reasonable price. On Rue Lamartine is "Carte Blanche" with a creative chef, offering an exceptional value prix fixe for under €40 and a small, well chosen and affordable wine list.

        The current darling of the area is Daniel Rose at "Spring" on La Tour d'Auvergne...minimal decor, 16 seats and no choices for an excellent fixed price meal.

        The ninth also boasts two of the best ethnic restaurants in Paris..."Sizin" which is not a greasy kebab joint, but a good Turkish restaurant on rue St. Georges and an outstanding Italian place right across the street called "Del Orto". There are many others that I have tried: l'Alsaco, Auberge du Clou, Fontaine de la Fiacre, Carpe Diem, Romaine, Paprika, Charlaine, etc. that did not poison me. Have fun.