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Aug 27, 2008 10:13 PM

Veggie and Omni friendly dinner, possibly near South Station

Hey all,

I know there's another South Station thread going, but a bit of a wrinkle in mine:

My wife is travelling up to see me for our first anniversary weekend. This wouldn't be our big anniversary dinner, but would like to go with her to someplace nice. She'll have just been on a bus for several hours, so when i say nice, i don't mean suit and tie, but i do mean tasty food and nice atmosphere.

She's a scales only pesca and vegetarian. i'm an omnivore that eats everything but... fish with scales. Eventually we have to head to Manchester NH, so somewhere vaguely on the way between South Station and 93 could also work.

thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Les Zygomates could fit the bill. A block from South Station in the leather district. They always have a nice veggie entree, as well as fish and carnivorous matter. Bistro, fun atmosphere w/live jazz every night (free).

    Les Zygomates Wine Bar & Bistro
    129 South St, Boston, MA 02111

    1. Sel de la Terre would be my top rec, about a 10- or 15-minute walk from South Station. Country French, and entirely veggie-, pesca-, and omni-friendly. Great breads.

      Two spots that are right by South Station, but perhaps marginally poorer fits:

      * I Second Les Zygomates - pretty good French bistro, good wine selection, live jazz on one side, tends to be pretty noisy

      * O Ya - exorbitant, but excellent Japanese, strong focus of sushi and sashimi, but numerous terrific veggie and meat dishes too