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Aug 27, 2008 09:02 PM

If a restaurant was FORCED to reduce its costs, what would you prefer it do?

In light of rising food (and maybe even labor) costs, if a restaurant was forced to find creative ways to maintain its margins, which option would you be most in favor of?

1. Substitute with cheaper ingredients, but maintain same prices and portion sizes

2. Decrease portion sizes, but maintain same quality of ingredients and same prices

3. Increase prices, but maintain same quality of ingredients and same prices

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  1. Definitely #2. I like smaller portions anyway.

    1. what i would do.

      up quality: that is, demand suppliers deliver only the best meats, fish, produce, etc. i would inspect all deliveries myself.

      squeeze wine importers: they've been eating on the fat side of the hog for too long.

      fire marginal staffers: crummy staffers can sink a good shop. weed out the slackers/cancerous types. the rest of the staff will love you for it.

      stand at the front of the house: greet folk in, walk customers out. listen to what they say. it's not too hard.

      just my $0.02.

      1. If the chow is outstanding, increasing prices is fine with me, never cheap out on ingredients.

        1. no question, # 3 is my choice

          1. #2 for sure, they would be doing most people a favor, myself included.