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Aug 27, 2008 08:33 PM

Dinner with music

Any suggestions to a place to have half decent food with music, i.e. live jazz, background group, or guitar, or whathave you. Looking for something with no cover if possible. Thanks.

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  1. sorry I don't have a suggestion but if search ' live ' in the Ontario place link page, some possibilities will come up to explore...

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      i think barcelona on bloor just east of royal york has spanish dancers with tapas style food. Have not been in awhile though.
      Beer bistro had a band playing last time I was there.

      1. Rivoli - if you don't go there expecting great food, its a fantastic venue.
        Allen's on danforth - they used to have bands over on fridays. You'd probably have to call and double check. Great food, really nice patio.
        Myth - also in greek town. The food is not superior, but they always seem to have a vibrant scene.

        1. Sopra Jazz Lounge, above Mistura.