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Aug 27, 2008 07:52 PM

Web Site for Dennett's Wharf, Castine?

I went to the Web site for Dennett's Wharf in Castine, Maine, tonight and it redirected to a poker site. Anyone know what's going on with their site (or the restaurant, for that matter)?

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  1. Dennett's is small and owned by a local Mainah. I wouldn't doubt that there is no web site. Great ceiling and hot buttered rums in October though.

    1. It was sold (I was told to the previous owner's brother). Web site is gone; Dennett's is still there. Menu has changed a tiny bit, a li'l more pricey. Dollar bills on the ceiling are gone. No more rental bikes.

      If you haven't been to Castine in a while, a few other changes, too: Castine Variety also has a new owner, has been spiffed up and is far more welcoming to nonlocals. Bah's has redone its deck and underneath is Stella's Nocturnal, a jazz cafe.

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        Someone needs to let Dennett's know that their old site has been taken over by a gambling site, and because that URL is linked to from a number of legit restaurant, travel, and social sites (Trip Advisor, Frommers, Yelp, etc), it makes it appear that the place has closed...