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Aug 27, 2008 07:46 PM

San Diego Take-out for Dinner Party

Hello SD C'hounders,
I will be hosting a small dinner party this Sunday night and would like to serve Americana or Italian food from a restaurant close to my house. I live on the edge of City Heights and North Park. Although I'm a stone's throw from Super Cocina, I'd rather get take-out from a restaurant that offers more healthful options. I'm looking for pastas, chicken, veggie, or seafood-based dishes. I am not picky about the type of food per se, I'd just like to find a well-regarded restaurant that is relatively close to my house.. Any recommendations for restaurants in this vicinity that offer good take-out?

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  1. I'm not sure if the nicer restaurants in that area do takeout but maybe try Apertivo, The Linkery, or Urban Solace

    1. Not American or Italian but close to you is Mama's Lebanese Deli which does a great veggie (fallafal, hummus, baba gonoush, tabouli, pickels, olives and pira bread) party platter that can feed about 12 for $80. You need to give 24 hours notice. Great stuff. Ordered a try last weekend for my wife's party.

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        Great suggestions, many thanks. Ewilensky, great call on the Mama's tip. I had forgotten about this place! It's been on my list of restaurants to try, and this party will be the perfect opp. I wonder if I can get all the hummus and bab gonoush in smaller portions? I'll call tomorrow. Thanks again, you two!

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          You can buy individually or as part of the tray. The baba and hummus are so good -- believe me, it is never enough. Might actually want to ask for less tabouli as it is consistently the only thing left over after the tray is licked clean by our dinner guests.

          What time is the party? ;-)

          Have a great one!

      2. It's probably about 30 blocks from you, but BMH Italian Deli at 76th & El Cajon has great take out- I have served their meatballs and sauce, antipasto, and lasagna for parties before and people rave.