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What is this place that offers a vegetarian sampler?

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I remember looking at this one restaurant a couple months ago online. Specially for the summer, it had a sampler menu, where you can pay $60 or so for 7 dishes, and it offered it in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Does that ring a bell with anyone?

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      Not exactly the restaurant I was looking for, but now that you mention it, Oleana looks awesome too.

    2. Maybe Harvest or Henrietta's Table perhaps?

      1. TW Food? http://twfoodrestaurant.com/menus/din... It is 7 courses at $69, either vegetarian or non. I did TW Food for restaurant week and it was really good. The vegetarian tasting menu at Oleana is amazing - about 6 courses and $42.

        1. Could it be L'Espalier's menu that you were looking at? http://www.lespalier.com/menu/ They offer a 7 course vegetarian Seasonal Degustation. Of course it's $90, not $60...

          1. doesn't evoo do one of these? and i think radius does a 4 course tasting for $75, too.

            1. Craigie St Bistrot does a vegetarian prix fixe as well as a non-veg one - the veg one is $61 but only 4 courses, not 7. www.craigiestreetbistrot.com/

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                That's the one that came to mind for me...They are moving as I understand it, to Boston...either that or opening a new one there...

              2. I think you might mean Grezzo--it's vegan, organic and raw. I wentthere Thursday and if this is the place your're thinking of I say go--now--it was terrific.

                7 course chefs tasting: 2 soups, 2 apps, 1 salad, 1 entree and dessert for $59. Two of us split this and one extra entree and loved it! Other posts and lots of on-line info describe the dishes--very interesting use of nuts, sprouted wheatberries and chickpeas, coconut milk, sea vegs, etc. And not just interesting-truly delicious. I admit I got home and googled "raw diet" It was that good. However, I still wants me my oysters, sushi, tatare (which can all be raw :) ) and sundry other non-vegan foods. However, if I had Allissa Cohen cooking all this for me (instead of my fumbling in my own kitchen) I could see myself giving it a genuine whirl.