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Aug 27, 2008 07:01 PM

Dallas/Plano: Kobe Teppan& Sushi. Worth it or no?

Hi ya'll:

I keep getting all these coupons for a place called Kobe Teppan & Sushi in those handy ValPack Coupon guides they send us in the junk mail. My question is:

Have any of you been there, and if so, would you recommend going there and/or what should we try or avoid on the menu?

Any and all comments appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Janeane Bratacelli

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  1. Is that the one on Central, just north of Park?

    We tried it out a few months ago after it had just opened. Given that I have never been to a teppan-style place that I consider great, it wasn't bad. IIRC, the best part was the teppan chef, his showmanship was the best I've seen in the area. The sushi was average, although average sushi isn't necessarily a bad thing. Pricey, but I think these kind of places are generally overpriced anyway. It's hard to screw up teppanyaki, they didn't, so if the coupons are a good deal, give them a shot.