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Aug 27, 2008 06:45 PM

ForK for Restaurant Week

Our daughter, who is now a Philly resident, has invited us for dinner one night of RW. That means, of course, I get to pay for her and her roomate. We don't eat out much, and even less so in Phily, but we have made several places in Philly now that she is there. The best by far was Tinto's, near where she lives.

I know they change the menu regularly and have a special RW menu, but any suggestions?

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    above is a link to a recent discussion of RW restaurants. If you are looking specifically for the menu at the restaurant Fork (wasn't sure if that was a typo in your post) here is a link to it

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      thanks for the reply. The typo was from my daughter's e-mail where she capitalized the K

      Also, thanks for the RW week menu listing. Didn't realize they had that published.