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Aug 27, 2008 06:10 PM

Question about two Asheville restaurants

Thai Basil in Grove Arcade, and Bavarian Lodge on Weaverville Highway--are either of these any good? For Thai Basil, I'm not looking for super-authenticity (I've never been to Thailand so would not know the difference), just not-too-greasy, good balance of flavors, and good curries.



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  1. We've been to both at least 2x and neither or at the top of my list. I love Thai and after living in DC had lots of great Thai food...not around Asheville unfortunately and not Thai Basil. Bavarian Lodge has a quirky accoridion playing ower and great German beers. Entrees seem to be hit or miss....one time my scnitzel was burnt...the sausages are always good...My husband really likes it but I don't as much.

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      Leah, I've heard Thai Orchid out on Tunnel Road is good. Have you been there yet? I'm just wondering how, in your opinion, they'd compare with other Thai places around town.

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        I need to try Thai Orchid - I'd heard/read good things about it.