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Bad carrots?

i just opened a bag of organic yellow peeled & cut carrots that i bought yesterday, and immediately knew that they were bad - slimy, with a funky odor. checked the date - Sept 8, 2008.

this is the FOURTH time this has happened to me in the past few weeks. i've tried different brands, different varieties [orange & yellow], organic, conventional, different stores...

the one large bag of full-size unpeeled carrots i bought was fine, but all the baby or cut & peeled carrots are bad! what's going on??? has anyone else had a problem...?

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  1. The last time I bought yellow baby carrots, my SO happily munched through them until he picked up one wiggly one . . . needless to say the rest of the bag got thrown out.

    Ah well, at least we can take comfort in the fact that whole carrots, cut into sticks, generally taste much better, and much more like carrots! I think it's the end of baby carrots around here.

    1. I had to give up buying baby carrots because of the same problem. Stuck my hand into slime too many times. You can see all the moisture in the bag when you buy them. Too yucky. The whole ones you peel yourself taste better anyway.

      1. i'm glad it's not just me. and you're both right - the big ones really do taste better anyway.

        those prepared carrots have always been one of my few go-to "convenience" purchases...but it's hardly convenient if they're inedible :)

        1. That's happened to me twice now in the past to weeks - it first happened with a 3lb bag of baby carrots, so I figured that I would try a smaller bag next time. Yesterday I picked up a 1lb bag from Whole Foods and had the same issue!

          I might also revert back to peeling and cutting my own regular carrots.

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            the first one was from WFM - i picked up my usual 1-lb bag from them - i think they're called "Whole Fields" [probably the ones you bought]. i returned it, and when i went to pick up another one i noticed that there were no longer any bags of those on the shelf. instead, they had only larger 3-lb resealable bags from a different company ["Bio" something or other] that i've never seen before. anyway, i bought one of those instead, got them home...same problem. also happened with a 1-lb organic bag from TJ's, as well as yesterday's purchase from a Kings supermarket in NJ.

            i just think it's odd that it happened so many times in such a short span...i think in all the years i've been buying them i've only ever gotten one bad bag before this.

            oh well, no more baby carrots for me!

          2. Take them back to the store where you bought them.

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              it goes beyond that. i'm sick of taking them back - this is the fourth time - and the third store - in a month. and i feel like there may be something going on with the crops - it's not likely to be a quality control or freshness issue at the processing or packaging level because it has happened with several different brands.

            2. I dont buy processed/peeled carrots. I prefer to prep them myself, and have never encountered an issue.

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              1. re: swsidejim

                yes, I just had this happen to me last week.

              2. These items should be returned to the market with a complaint!
                And I might recommend you find a different market.

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                1. re: The Old Gal

                  i've already said this a couple of times further up-thread...i DID return the carrots...and it happened at THREE different, completely unrelated stores.

                  if it was only happening at one place or with one brand, i wouldn't think it was such an issue.

                2. I have recently started buying baby carrots and I was having the same slime problem. I did some research and found this statement from Devon Zagory, Ph.D. who is the Vice President of Davis Fresh Technologies. I felt a lot better once I read this, so hopefully this will help you guys out!

                  "In my experience the sliminess on peeled carrots is due to the
                  proliferation of lactic acid bacteria. Many processors of carrots prefer
                  that the carrots be very moist in the bag to prevent development of dry,
                  white cells on the surface. These bacteria are normal components of the
                  carrot microflora and come from the soil that the carrots were grown in.
                  They are generally not harmful and produce little odor. They tend to thrive
                  in low oxygen, high moisture environments which often develop in bags of
                  peeled carrots. You can probably wash the carrots and eat them without ill
                  effect, but most people find them unsavory once they become slimy. To
                  prevent the development of the sliminess I would recommend keeping the
                  carrots colder (measure the temperature in your refrigerator and if it is
                  above about 40F, turn it down) and eating them sooner."

                  Devon Zagory, Ph.D.
                  Senior Vice President
                  Food Safety & Quality Programs
                  Davis Fresh Technologies, LLC

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                    I used to look for the dry, whitish looking ones. They were great. Lately I have only seen the wet looking carrot, and they are yuck.