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Aug 27, 2008 05:48 PM

Birthday Party Location in Houston

I am looking for a fun place to have a small surprise b-day party for my mom in Houston. There will be approx. 20 people. I would like a place with a private room that is fun, not stuffy, laid back, but still nice. Any ideas? All types of food are fine, although I prefer no asian cusuine.


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  1. How about Ouisie's? Or Backstreet?

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    1. re: maryanntex

      We've already done a party at Backstreet. I'll look into Ousies Table though.

      1. re: KkLove

        The Rainbow Lodge on Ella has a small room, and it is a lovely place with good food.

        Have you looked on B-4 U-Eat? They have a section with private rooms.

    2. i had a birthday party at la vista on fountainview in their private dining room (PDR). they do a fixed price family style dinner there. i can't remember the price. maybe $45 per person and it included crostini, salad, a ton of meats and veggies, pasta, and dessert.

      i have to admit that the main draw for me however was not the food (which is good but not great) but the fact it is BYOB. i forgot how much corkage is too, but definitely worth it as we brought in some really expensive wines for the evening. there is also a liquor/wine store next door where we bought extra champagne.

      we had our own server all night and they have a little boombox in the room so you can bring your own CD's to play or go through their CD library. it was a wonderful evening and highly recommend it.

      for something nicer, reef has a PDR in their glass encased wine vault. not sure how many it seats.

      VOICE's is the best as you can peek into the kitchen but i believe the minimum bill will have to be $1500 to reserve it. read my blog for restaurant review and photos of the wine vault. i arranged a houston restaurant week group dinner for the houston chowhounds in there.