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Aug 27, 2008 05:48 PM

9th trip to Hong Kong - Need something special and different

Hi Freinds,

I'm making my 9th trip to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks (I'm an engineer at a baby products company near Boston, USA and will be staying at Marco Polo Gateway) and looking for something I may have missed. Not something fancy and expensive as I have had most of those meals, just some recommendations of must-eats. I usually stick to small places with little english and bbq meats in the windows or outisde places in Mon Kok and Temple Street. What am I missing?

Vendros love top take me out to the fancy places, but I would loive to say "How about here" and surprise them as well? I'll be up in Guangzhou for a few days maybe and always eat like a king up there, but eating in HK always leaves me wanting the more authentic stuff and not the stuff just to impress your vendors.

not sure if this makes any sense, but best dumplings? best homemade noodles? best hot pot? Best goose or duck? Best street food...Best fresh seafood...

Thanks for any and all help

Mark Adamowicz

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  1. A couple of places with 'wow' Chinese dishes that imbedded in my mind include a place with no English name - ' Heung Kong Shui Yuet' ( Cantonese pronounciation ) situated on the east side of Nathan road between Austin Road and Hillwood Road. Their 'fried ho-fun aka rice noodle with frog legs and black bean sauce' is simply awesome! Never knew black bean sauce can taste THAT good! Another great place, own by the famed HK food critic ' Choi Lan ' is ' Cho Choi Koon ' at the corner of Tak Hing Street (SE corner of Jordan Road and Nathan road). Its next to a Malaysian restaurant. Their 'Stirred fry mixed pig's innards with scallions and ginger' is one of the most delicious dish I have ever tasted. The pig's liver was simply out of this world! After having eaten great food in numerous Michelin stars restaurants all over Europe, Japan and America, that speaks a lot!!! BTW, both restaurants are in the Jordan disrict of Kowloon. Happy chowing!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      i remember reading this post back last august. I never did figure out the first place you were talking about.

      Do you by any chance know the address or the chinese characters for the name?
      i'm trying to deduct on openrice, and nothing seems to match.... except some fancy 300+ place, but the name seems really off. I'd like to try those frogs legs before i leave in 9 days.

      1. re: kairo

        I was in HK in March. Made a special trip there to find it 'CLOSED'!! What a pity! Sigh......:(

    2. http:/// They say the Wong Tai Sin location is the better of the two, but I did go to the Whampoa location and it is very decent. Try their dan dan noodles, limit one per person per visit. I used to eat at the old Diamond Hill location in the 80s as a kid. While you are there, get a side of the steamed pork leg bacon with sichuan chili oil (yunan bacon). It's damn good. Or find 3 buddies and get the Sa Wor won ton chicken soup (minimum 4 in your party to order one).

      If you're a fan of Anthony Bourdain's show No Reservations, this blogger took him on many eating trips, who is a local food and gourmand in his own right (of local stuff that's simple and not tablecloth fancy high end). Tons of listings to choose from off the beaten path.

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      1. re: K K

        I'm a long-standing fan of Josh Tse's blog (but definitely not of Bourdain) myself, and concur that it's worth spending the time digging into. "CXB" really knows the HK food scene from bottom to top.

      2. have you been to the private kitchens yet? it is a very HK thing, dont think you get that anywhere else - basically privately owned restaurants, quite often literally set up in a flat. you can bring your own wine etc - some no corkage, but some do charge - check before you go. One of the best is Da Ping Hou

        It is sichuan food, very good, very spicy. Very reasonable for something like 13-15 small courses. And at the end the chef comes out and sings chinese opera - 2 sittings 7.30 and 9. Enjoy!

        1. Thanks for all of the recommendations. I appreciate it very much.

          I've seen every episode of every Anthony Bourdain show/series, so the HK show was great to watch. Never did figure out where to get those homemade noodles though.

          Thanks agian and the private dinner idea sounds awesome. May have to get a vendor to look into that.


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          1. re: markadamowicz

            Where to get the homemade noodles from the Bore-dain episode? At Mr Ping's noodle stall:
            Ping Kee, 2/F Tai Po district market, Heung Sze Wui St, Tai Po, Tel 2658-4567

            Tai Po is a long way to go to noodle stall. If you're staying at the Gateway, here are a few not-fancy but tasty options within a couple minutes walking distance.

            Din Tai Fung, excellent dumplings (especially the crab xiu long bau) and other simple fare in a very well-run branch of a famous Taiwanese restaurant. Come very early, or line up. 3/f Silvercord, across the street from your hotel.

            In the basement of Silvercord Mall, there's a good Asian food court.

            Just up Canton road in the China Ferry Terminal building (aka China HK City) there's a weird little food court called 'Gourmet Express'. The good thing is it has a branch of Mak's Noodle, arguably the most famous (and tiny) wonton in HK. I prefer their brisket noodles. There's also a a good Thai-style chicken rice place there.

            Down Haiphong Rd in the Temporary Market (ask your hotel for directions, it's close but not obvious) there's the most famous beef ball noodle stall in HK, called Tak Fat. No air-con, no English sign, but it's the place with the orange bowls.

            For HK-style BBQ, Guangdong BBQ (43 Hankow Rd) is famous, close by, and their meat is excellent. But they can be staggeringly rude to westerners, and to anyone else, for that matter. A better and closer bet is Hing Fat, 8 Ashley Rd, which has a very extensive menu.

            1. re: HKDave

              Din Tai Fung is an over-priced chain (39 branches at last count) that can be found anywhere in Asia (as well as Los Angeles and Sydney), so it's not exactly an experience that speaks "Hong Kong."

              I haven't worked in HK since 1997, so I am not in touch with what represents the best in local products these days, but if the OP wants to eat xiaolong bao I would suggest Wu Kong; the cuisine may be Shanghainese, but it's been around long enough to have become a Hong Kong institution.


              1. re: Xiao Yang

                ...hello agian, heading back soon - any new places I should be keeping an eye out for?

                1. re: markadamowicz

                  During Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation Hong Kong show, he visited a Chinese B-B-Q place in Tai Po, New Territories for roast goose and suckling pig. Well, at the other end of the street is one of HK's best place ( Kwun Kee ) for ' Braised beef Brisket and Tendons'. However, if you are really adventurous, they also offer ' cow's penis'. Unique enough for you?
                  Next to this 'beef specialty' store is a small outfit that serves one of HK's best Tofu dessert. A nice refreshing bowl for only HK$5.
                  Both places were visited by myself and Singapore Chowhound Fourseasos during our mini-chowmeet a couple of months ago. That was after our lunch at Tai Wai's Fung Lum where we gobbled down a roasted pigeon each as well as some incredibly delicious 'Fried live sea prawns with peppered salt'!
                  Have a nice trip!

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    Cow penis - I am up for that. Most of my HK vendors think I am crazy. Most of my mainland China vendors thing I am adventurous....

                    I've had pigeon at the HK Macau restuarant chain (owned by one of Stanley Ho's wives, forget the name, near Guangdong BBQ in TST) the last 5 times I've been over....tasty stuff

                    I had silkworms, water beetles and bee larvae from forest bee's nest in Guangzhou on my last trip....that was some cool stuff.

                    Funny that I still get offers of KFC and McDonald's over there and haven't been one in the US in over 10 years.....

                    1. re: markadamowicz

                      Out of curiosity, you should pay a visit to KFC and McDonald's in HK. They have some 'cool' local specials that are very intersting!

                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        I am going to pass on that. One time I was in the Shunde area and came back froma meeting and to my horror the conference table was filled with McDonald's.They thought they were doing me a favor.I ate it to be polite and then explained afterwards I would prefer to eat at the canteen for all future in-house lunches!

                      2. re: markadamowicz

                        LOL! I liked the way you said "owned by one of Stanley Ho's wives". There were rumors about that just before the Macau Restaurant was opened back in the late-90s. Then, on its opening day, the big man himself turned up in his RR!

                        Macau Restaurant
                        25-27 Lock Road, Hong Kong

                        1. re: markadamowicz

                          I didn't know cows had penises. I have however eaten the quaintly-named bull's pizzle in soup, in Taipei - not offensive, just not particularly delicious in my humble opinion.

                    2. re: Xiao Yang

                      Agreed that Din Tai Fung (DTF) is not a true Hong Kong experience, but the branch is a lot better than the ones in LA and Sydney. It's not as good as the original in Taipei, but it's still very good (skin is firm but paper thin, meat is tasty, soup is plentiful) and unbelievably consistent. That said, I've tried the ones in Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore as well and they're comparable to the one in Hong Kong, so if you visit those locations, you might want to skip the one in Hong Kong.

                      Wu Kong on the other hand has gone considerably downhill in the past 10 years. The times we've been there the service staff has been incredibly rude, food has come out cold and disappointing, vegetables were extremely oily, and desserts we ordered were clearly not fresh. In fact, the only thing redeeming about this place is the restrooms which are quite nice.

                    3. re: HKDave

                      I better withdraw my recommendation for Hing Fat. I went there tonight and was charged a rather astonishing HK$48 for tea! I'm a local and they've never charged me this before (I live nearby and have eaten there often; this wasn't even my first time there this week), but it turns out they do have this absurd price at the bottom of the menu cards on the table. So unless you want to fight, you have to pay. Yet another good old-fashioned HK rip-off, aimed at tourists, but this time it caught me as well.

                    1. re: The Shepherd

                      Yes! Both the ones in Central, HK and TST, Kowloon.

                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        I went say I went. I'm more of a "eat what is hanging in the window" type of guy myself. I will always turn down offers of Morton's and Ruth's Chris for food that is 1/25th of the price and 25 times better.