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Aug 27, 2008 05:42 PM

Duck breast at Pastis

Mon night I had one of the best duck breasts ever at Pastis on Beverly. Dinner was very good over all, but the duck was just amazing. Perfectly cooked, nice crispy char on the outside but completely tender inside, sauced with a very rich wine reduction pan sauce - pure velvet. served with really tasty potato and some confit raviolis. Nice selection of wines by the glass and the waiter was super sweet too.

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  1. Really enjoy their duck breast as well. One of their best dishes, in among many.
    Still probably the most overlooked affordable French Bistro in LA, and if the patronage is any indication, apparently many French ex-pats do as well.
    Wish they would change the dessert list a bit though, as it seemingly has been the same forever - not that I don't like the Lavender creme brulee or the tart, but...

    1. Pastis is one of those neighborhood kind of places that flies under the radar a bit -- it gets mentioned with Mimosa a lot (just up the street) but is low key and not trying to be a super high end bistro like an Anisette or Comme Ca'. That said, it regularly turns out dishes that occasionally blow me away. The duck as mentioned, is always very good, but I've had specials there that were the equal of anything I've had at Spago, Melisse, AOC, Lucques or the like, but at lower prices. In late spring I had roasted quail with chorizo stuffing on Israeli cous-cous that was amazing, one of the best dishes I've ever eaten --just a perfect balance of flavors. It doesn't hit these notes all the time, but generally everything is good and occasionally you get something spectacular. Nice staff too.

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        That was my first meal there and I'm really looking forward to more.

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          Meet you there any time.
          Really like everything about the place, except it is not in Sherman Oaks!!!