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Aug 27, 2008 05:15 PM

Nasty film on my hands after cutting butternut squash

Hi all,

I cut up some butternut squash earlier today, and since cutting it my fingers are coated with a yellowish film that refuses to come off in whole. I've been able to scrub off little bits and pieces with a lot of force, and have also tried vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, nailpolish remover, and rubbing alcohol, all to no avail. The film feels similar to getting superglue stuck on your hands -- kind of a thin, hard, and very annoying shell -- which is why I thought of the nailpolish remover (acetone dissolves superglue).

In the future I'll use gloves when I'm cutting these up, but in the meantime does anyone have any idea how to remove this stuff from my hands? It's certainly not an emergency or causing me any real trouble aside from the annoyance factor, but I would rather not have to wait days for it to wear off like with superglue...


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  1. Wow, out of curiousity I googled "butternut squash residue on hands", since I have a large squash waiting to turn into soup so I'll be peeling away soon. It sounds like it is a pretty common condition. Lots of people get contact dermatitis when they handle it. In my wanderings, I came across this old thread.

    and another squash reaction:

    It's hard to say if you have squash residue on your hands, or you have had a mild reaction to the squash.

    Good luck. Keep us squash-lovers posted!

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      I was the one who started that first post bear linked to (above). It's weird for sure. I have no idea whether it's an individual reaction or something in the squash itself. I probably get it exactly the same way that you do. Yucky but I still love butternut squash.

    2. Double wow. I wonder how that would work as a face peel. I've heard that they use pumpkin.

      Be careful with the gloves, get ones you can grip with. Even Rubbbermaid, in case it slips. I almost lost a hand last time.

      1. You're not crazy. That's happened to me too. And it isn't a reaction, it's like davis says... it's a really weird film -- though I don't believe I've ever gotten it as badly as you :-)

        1. I know what you mean. It's like tree sap. What works for me is rubbing my hands together. It comes off eventually if you rub fast and hard enough.

          1. some pharma or adhesives/film co. should be investigating the film's properties for commercial development. we want in on licensing royalties, right hounds?!