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Aug 27, 2008 04:44 PM

Calvin's Famous Cheesesteaks

"as mentioned by Bill Cosby" charmingly adornes Calvin's website and take out menu and so everyone besides Bill should know that
Calvin's has reopened on the San Jose's revitalized Alameda after a 17 year hiatus. A bright red sign adorns the entryway and people are showing up in droves. The key according to Calvin, is a dedication to using the finest ingredients in the constructuion of his cheesteaks, steak hogies and cold hogies. The buns are baked specifically to Calvins specs and the result is a soft bun that is strong enough to hold the tender steaks strips, caramelized onion and melted cheese. The result is satifying and wholesome. Great flavor, perfectly cooked beef conspire
to encourage overeating. The skin on fries, crisp and toothsome don't help.
Calvin himself is a world class personality who likes to chat up his clientele.

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      1699 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95128

    2. Has anyone tried the barbeque at Calvin's? According to the menu it is Friday and Saturdays only

      1. I was a regular at Calvin's when it was in Mt. View on Castro Street 20+ years ago. To this day it is the cheesesteak I compare all others to. I now live out of state, but had the chance to go to Calvin's the other day. Calvin's cheesesteaks are still on the top of the list. Absolutely delicious!
        One correction to the original post - Jonne is the Owner (the restaurant was named after his son).
        If you get a chance to go, tell him Elaine from Oregon sent you!

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          I am sad to report that Jonne (aka Calvin) died Sept. 2010. Calvin's Cheesesteaks is still open.

        2. Calvin's Cheesesteak is now at 1699 W San Carlos Street

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            Sadly, this store is no longer there. :( i went there once and was ecstatic to have found it, as I knew the place years earlier when it was by Andy's Pet Shop. anyway, I went back a couple months ago, and it is a different restaurant now.

          2. Sounds good, how does it compare with the Cheese Steak Shop?