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Aug 27, 2008 04:17 PM

Tupelo Honey/Mayfel's Breakfast Asheville?

We usually eat dinners in Asheville, but ended up there for breakfast this past Sunday. Had a pretty good breakfast at Tupelo Honey (my French Toast was a little dry although the blueberry sauce was excellent) and we'd definitely go back. But, then we walked past Mayfel's and I saw "Caramel Apple French Toast" on their specials menu which got my attention.

Question is, which is better for sweet stuff (pancakes, waffles, french toast)? I didn't know if Tupelo Honey gets the long lines because of the press it gets or if it truly is better. I've also had TH's sweet potato pancakes which I did like quite a bit.

Or somewhere else downtown that's better for my sweet weekend breakfast cravings?

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  1. I have heard nothing but bad reports about Mayfel's, but have never been myself (because of all the bad reports). I was going to suggest the pancakes at Laughing Seed with the awesome giner butter but I saw last tiem we were there that they took them off the menu. Sad! We used to get an order to share for the table...loved them!

    Of the two, Tupelo hands down is going to be the consensus, I assume. And if you have not been to Laughing Seed, give it a try. Even my meat-loving, veggie-hating husband thinks it is the best breakfast downtown.

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    1. re: miss piggy

      Ya, I figure that will probably be the case, but just thought I'd ask since for breakfast downtown, we've only been to Tupelo Honey. Also, I know lots of places do eggs pretty well, but I have a tough time finding good sweet stuff! :)

      1. re: Scirocco

        Mayfels: went once, it was bad.

      2. re: miss piggy

        Ugh...just noticed all my typos in the earlier post. I hate that! Anyway, I meant to say "ginger" butter. Another thought would be to try Sunny Point - awesome breakfast, sweet stuff includes pancakes, waffles and stuffed french toast. Not downtown, but only about 5-10 minutes from there.

        1. re: miss piggy

          I like Sunny Point, Tupelo Honey, and Early Girl Eatery for breakfast. Haven't tried Sunnyside Cafe or Laughing Seed yet but want to.

          Haven't been to Mayfel's for breakfast but have been there twice for dinner. I wouldn't call it horrible, but it's certainly not as good as the others mentioned here.

          1. re: Jeff C.

            I was in Asheville for 2 weeks. Ate at Tupelo for 3 days then asked them where to go when Tupelo was closed on Monday: Went to Sunny Point as suggested by Tupelo and IT WAS WONDERFUL. The b-fast burrito was great. The jam was aswesome on the homemade angel bisquits. YUM. They are open for lunch and dinner too, Had a great portabello sandwich with melted fresh moxzzarella on foccacia that was excellent. Never went back to Tupelo and never will!
            Early Girl: average at best.

            1. re: Displaced California Foodie

              Why if you ate at tupelo for 3 days won't you go back?

              1. re: lwhilyer

                Because SunnyPoint was so much better than Tupelo - In my opinion.

            2. re: Jeff C.

              I like Sunny Point for breakfast as well. I haven't tried the breakfast at Early Girl. Lunch there is pretty good. One of my favorite late breakfast meals, also just outside of downtown, is the "Salvadoreno Tipico" plate at Cocina Latina. Black beans, eggs, plantains avocado and tortilla is a great way to start the day!

              1. re: diablita FL

                My oh my, that sounds good, and I'll bet it it's also killer hangover food. "Tomatoes," as my wife and I call it, has some of the best cheap lunch and dinner eats in town. Now I want to try it for breakfast, too!

        2. I took my dad to Over Easy Cafe and we had a lovely breakfast and the server was nice , we went to Tupelo Honey the night before and the server was a little cranky.T
          The food was average , not as good as I had remembered.

          1. My opinion:
            Over Easy is the best breakfast downtown.
            Tupelo Honey is a close second.
            Early Girl always disappoints.
            Sunny Point is fantastic, not downtown, but worth the drive and the wait.

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            1. re: McChow

              Tried Over Easy for the first time in several years this Sat.

              Biscuits are better than Sunny Point.
              Sausage patty no where NEAR as good.
              Apple butter is nice, but no where NEAR as good as the jam at SP.
              House hot sauce is awesome , as were the scrambled eggs.
              Service was *slightly* surly.

              (maybe i could buy some to go biscuits and smuggle 'em over to the west side)

            2. OP here. Thanks for the suggestions. I knew I could count on the CHs to steer me in the right direction (and away from the bad directions!) ! We have been by Over Easy several times at night and wondered about it.

              Will definitely have to try Sunny Point sometime. We usually like to go downtown just because we like to wander around afterward; but it sounds like it's worth a separate drive over to Sunny Point. Especially since it has a few options for my elusive "sweet stuff"!!

              1. Tupelo Honey most definitely has been kissed by Rachel Ray and gets the crowds because of the Food Network zombies who don't know how to experiment outside of what they see on TV. Mayfel's is quite good - their bacon is especially rockin'. I recommend their sweet breakfast and a good cup of tea for your early morning weekend victuals. Their decor with the crows is rather unique as well.