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Aug 27, 2008 04:14 PM

Images of Staub Coccotte Interior for Comparison?


I just received a 5qt staub coccotte that I ordered but I am concerned that it might be defective. The underside of the lid area which would touch the pot appears to have minor nicks throughout but a couple look deep (I see silver, with others I see graded shades of black/dark grey.) Also, there is a small dimple but no break on the interior bottom of the pot... and finally along the pot's top interior there is an area of enamel that is not smooth (ie it looks like raised matte enamel...maybe 2.5mm thick but about 1/2 an inch running along the rim (it just looks like just some extra extra black matte enamel coating)

I was wondering if someone would be so kind to post images with close up of the underside of the lid and the top of the pot rim so that I can compare. This would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, any comments from staub owners on an assessment of the pot and potential problems in the long run.

I can call to claim for an exchange but I just want to see my options before going through the trouble. I paid just under 100 for it with shipping.

Thank You,

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  1. I don't have images of mine, but this doesn't sound right. I would call the shipper immediately.

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    1. re: pothead

      thanks for answering to my post. I found a cover on ebay with the underside of the lid image.

      From that image, the rim that touches the pot is the same color on mine and the black/or dark spots along the way appear on mine as well but as I described above. The ebay listing indicates new so I am wondering if that might be slight imperfections. But, I think I will be shipping for replacement because of the addition of the extra enamel nugget thing I found and the minor dimple.

      Any other comments are welcome/

      thanks again,

      1. re: bessa

        I just looked at mine. The rim on the lid has a few minor nicks but I don't see silver underneath. Interesting that it's silver you see since the layer underneath the enamel is cast iron. I have no dimple on the bottom of the pot. Mine also has a layer of what looks to be painted on email coating around the top rim of the pot. All in all, I think yours is perfectly fine.

        1. re: sandih

          The silver you see is the actual cast iron with no coating. Ideally it should be covered with enamel, but a bit of oil dabbed on it after you use should prevent any problems. Where did you buy it from? See if they will exchange it for you if you are unhappy. These are made by hand and each one has a little something that could be better.

          1. re: blondelle

            hi again and thanks for the additional feedback. It's helpful to hear all comments. I have never seen this pot in person before so I wasn't sure what might be acceptable or what it should look like in close up for comparison. Well, I may or may not return...will think about the risk (what if they send another pot and it get's damaged or what if they sell out by the time they receive the return (only 13 were left). blondelle, I got it from smartbargains.

            1. re: bessa

              Frankly, I think might be selling store returns or seconds. They aren't a regular Staub dealer and they must be getting stock at special prices for them to sell the items at such a discount. There were also quality issues when Amazon had Staub at some very low prices last year. I would return or exchange it. I wouldn't keep an item with all those defects. Try and get them to provide a return label at no charge as the item they sent is damaged. There are great deals on Staub on Ebay too, but then again you can't examine the pieces first.