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Aug 27, 2008 03:09 PM

Mastro's Costa Mesa?

I have done the searches....and the reviews are mixed.

Tastes are subjective, so in that I am willing to find out myself....have a business meeting in Costa Mesa the first weekend of October, and my business partner is coming down from Seattle for it. We have been on a steakhouse kick since last October.


I need some place that is worth the monies....even if they are costly.

Waiter-tude(snooty servers) will not be tolerated...that could wind someone up in the hospital if they bring it.

Quiet is good...not like in a library, but like in the private rooms at Donovan's, which is my current standard for steakhouse service, although Tasha of the Fleming's at the Hyatt was a TOTAL winner so far this year

GREAT ambiance...the room needs to look like a million old money bucks, if it is trendy....not interested.

Please let me know what you all think, before I make the reservations.

Best Regards,

STeven Garsson

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I was at Mastro's Costa Mesa not too long ago.

      • The steaks are solid, I would say a touch better than Fleming's and the like.

      • Didn't have a problem with waiter-tude.

      • The place was not quiet, and some of the patrons were getting quite loud (and drunk). Getting a private room will definitely help.

      • The decor wasn't exactly old money; see my pics of the place after the link.

      Review with photos:

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      1. re: kevin h

        Thanks...appreciate the responses!

        Can a private room be got, like at Donovans, or is it more like private rooms for meetings and large parties?

        Great review, Kevin H!

        Best Regards,

        STeven Garsson

        1. re: STevenGarsson

          Thanks! I'm not sure about the rooms; I only know that they're available on the second floor. You should probably give them a call.

      2. I've had a handful business dinners at the Costa Mesa location. Service was good, professional unobtrusive when we've taken time in between courses. The room towards the back with the windows looking out seem to be a lot quieter. During our dinners, we haven't had any issues with the noise. I liked the quiet dark ambiance. It's not trendy but not completely old school either. Just solid classy feel.

        I liked the steaks. Martini's are good. I'd have no problems having more business dinners in the future.

        1. I love Mastro's. It's not hugely old-school (it's not the Smokehouse, both because the food is better and the decor is newer) but it's not some God-awful Estonian modern trendy hangout where 23-year-old kids on the make show off their new chest hair, either.

          The steaks are fantastic (but avoid their "signature cut" -- it's just not worth it -- get a normal steak instead, like a porterhouse), the only issue I have is that I hate the four-hundred-degree plate thing.

          We had great, unobtrusive service. Flick an eyebrow and somebody comes over (and there's not of that stupid "you're not my table" crap, either). I assume you've figured out by now that service is at least 50% a reflection of your own attitude, so do us all a favour and leave the over-testosteroned "I'm gonna punch you out if you mouth off" business back in New York, OK? We're pretty low-key around here. Be nice and they'll be nice back.

          Call ahead -- there are private spaces upstairs (just be aware that the stairs are the wine storage, it's about the only "trendy-looking" thing there. Also, the whole restaurant is dark even in broad daylight so bring a penlight if you have trouble reading in the dark.

          Here's my review, which I assume you've already read:

          It's definitely the best place you'll find in Costa Mesa for steak.

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          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Thanks for the responses, everyone!

            DU, how'd you figure I'm from NY(I am, but the ethernet doesn't have much info on me) is not over-testosterone....just have a hair trigger wrt bad service.....I'm in sales and help my customers any way an expectation of professional service is reasonable.

            Have been on the Left Coast for almost 20 years...."be nice, and they'll be nice back" doesn't always do the trick...gotta server at my favorite neighborhood bistro who has been shooting me crap for 3 years, regardless of how nice I am or how big I tip....she is just a miserable person...why she is still working there is a mystery...because NO ONE likes her.

            Anyway, there is no way that I can do a job on a review like Kevin H....but will go and report in with my unique take.

            Best Regards,

            STeven Garsson

            1. re: STevenGarsson

              I'm from New Jersey. We can spot New Yorkers even through the Internet and then we form groups surrounding them chanting "Bennies Go Home". Just kidding... it was the threat of physical violence. People from elsewhere don't usually do that.

              All I'm saying is that if you go in on the defensive, you're going to have a bad time more often than pure statistics would seem to show, because it's going to project onto the server. A little bit like saying, "And don't @$#% it up this time" when you've never met them before.

              If you have bad service, complain to management WHILE YOU'RE STILL THERE so they can make it better.

          2. mastro's makes my favorite steaks, hands down. If you are on a steakhouse kick, you need to add this to your list of have-dones. I find their food to be very consistent from location to location. It can be loud, but in all the times I have been I have only had one server who was sub-par.