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Aug 27, 2008 02:43 PM

Smoke Shack Southern Barbecue

In Boscowen NH. Anyone ever been? Is it worth it? What do they do well?

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  1. I've heard awesome reviews on chowhound, but havent' been yet. Just do a search, several talk about it. It's on my list. If you are in the Manchester area, my new favorite bbq is City Flames Smokehouse on Chestnut & Manchester St. Fabulous!!!

    1. It's on my commuting route. I like the bbq brisket. Their bbq beans are great, the mac & cheese is soothing and tasty, also very good cole slaw and I'm fussy about my slaw. So many places use a commercially prepared blend but they make their own. Their servings are large so I frequently have leftovers for lunch. My husband gets pulled pork or ribs. We haven't been for awhile since summer is lobster roll season and we visit the Dipsy Doodle in Northfield. Also Smoke Shack makes some pretty good sweet potato fries but they serve them with maple syrup. Haven't had them that way before and didn't care for the syrup. The inside seating is pretty basic. We tend to get take-out. Haven't been to the new place in Manchester so it would be interesting to do a comparison. If you're coming to Boscawen, the dairy farmer on your right Crete's Highway Farm sells fresh corn that is great. Right now the yellow and white is sweeter than the all white. This is the first year they haven't been putting the corn variety name on their signs. I'm disappointed but they said most people didn't pay attention to the variety names. There's also a nice orchard off Mountain Rd within a few miles of the Smoke Shack and another home vegetable farm. You could go apple picking and top the day off with a visit to the Smoke Shack or get take-out plus fresh corn.

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