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Aug 27, 2008 02:38 PM

Fun Hollywood Dinner - Falcon or Citizen Smith?

Looking for a fun Hollywood spot to have a going away dinner. Would like to have yummy food and drinks and also a lively atmosphere. I was thinking about maybe Falcon or Citizen Smith, but haven't been to either one. Would love to hear your thoughts and/or other suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Falcon's food is unmemorable. Service is also shotty. It gets loud and clubby very early in the evening, in case that's what you're after.

    Citizen Smith is a good place for celebrating, but again, not particularly memorable food. Unless of course, you choose to go on Mondays when it's half off all food, and then the food seems a better value.

    If you want a lively Hollywoody atmosphere with slightly better food, you might consider Dolce.

    Asia de Cuba is fun and pretty tasty

    If sushi is an option, perhaps Katana.

    The new Kress is also an option worth considering.

    Also, Cafe des Artistes, Cha Cha Cha, Magnolia, Mirabelle.

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    1. I thought cha cha cha was closed.

      However, as opposed to Falcon or Citizen Smith, I agree with the following choices:

      Asia de Cuba, Katana, and Magnolia.

      I would add:

      the new Beso, Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel, or Comme Ca which is supposed to be bustling in the evening.

      1. I just went to a going-away party at Katana a couple of weeks ago. We were lucky enough to get the patio (for 20 people!). The bill was ridiculously high and the food was just OK (I was too busy talking to really eat but my part was over $100) but the patio was really fun and the people watching was great. The Beckhams were supposed to stop by but all we got was Ben Affleck. LOL.

        1. since people are suggesting other places - the avalon - reserve a cabana.

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          1. Neither. Consider Katsuya