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Aug 27, 2008 02:36 PM

Birthday Celebration in Lake Arrowhead (the big 3-0) [Moved from California Board]

We'll be heading up to Lake Arrowhead for my birthday and need some rec's for birthday dinners. I don't eat meat on Thursdays so if there is a recommendation for a good vegetarian meal and am open to ALL food on Friday night.

We live in San Diego and will be traveling to this area for the first time!!

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Don't think there are any vegetarian places in LA, but I'm sure that you could find things that would work on the menus at some of the places. In the Village itself, you can choose from sushi, Thai, pseudo-Mexican, Belgian waffles and another by the water that has a nice brunch on Sundays. I personally love The Raven's Nest, which is just outside of the Village. Right now, they are focusing on a seafood menu, but have wonderful steaks and lamb as well. Not sure what is on the menu now as it does change seasonally, but will be heading there myself this Friday. Have a happy birthday and let us know what you choose.