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Aug 27, 2008 02:35 PM

COCONUT RICE - stove top or rice cooker?

Hello All! I am attempting to make coconut rice for the first time and justwanted some advice as to if I should use a rice cooker or make it on my stove top...Is any method "better" in your opinions? Thank you

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  1. I always make mine on the stovetop, but that's because i don't have a rice cooker! One thing I have found is that rice made with lite coconut milk has a much wimpier flavor that the regular version. Regular coconut milk also makes it far creamier.

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      I second the stove top, but I also don't have a rice cooker. I like it made with Jasmine rice.

    2. We do have a rice cooker and have made coconut rice using "full-fat" coconut milk as well as the "lite" version. Using a rice cooker is "more precise," so if you want rice that appears more home-style, then you can cook it on the stovetop.

      I've also used coconut essence in making coconut rice. You definitely don't get the same mouthfeel or the rich taste on the back palate, but if you're counting calories, it's a good option. Another nice essence to try in the coconut rice is pandan. Just one or two drops from the eyedropper-type bottles is all it takes. Combined with coconut milk (which is a classic combo in SE Asia), it gives a more earthy, slightly heady scent with hints of vanilla. In fact, if I were to make a SE Asian-style rice pudding, I'd add palm sugar and some sultanas...