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Aug 27, 2008 01:39 PM

HELP rainbow acres or the counter? vegetarians on the westside help me

So I'm in marina del rey doing a demo at marina del rey. For lunch do I get a veggie sandwhich here or a veggie burger at counter?

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  1. I'm a "meatatarian," but my sister is a hardcore vegan, so I'm always keeping my eyes and ears open for eateries of this kind. A new vegan place recently opened on the west side of Centinela, just south of Short Avenue. And the name of the place is - drumroll please........

    Vegan Place

    We haven't tried it yet, but we got one those menus on a doortag hanger jobs. We noticed a fair amount of Thai-inspired dishes and fake meats that were incorporated into their offerings.

    Further down Centinela, about two blocks north of Jefferson, is Go Veggie (right next to Marina Farms produce market). The name implies vegetarian, but they do have dishes and salads with meat or seafood incorporated in them.

    Mao's Kitchen on Pacific in Venice has many vegetarian-friendly dishes as well.

    Soup Plantation is on the corner of Maxella and Del Rey avenues.

    These next few places may be out of your geographic radius drivetime-wise, but Real Food Daily and Interim Cafe in Santa Monica, and Native Foods in Westwood.

    Samosa House on Washington near the DMV does nice samosas as well as vegetarian/vegan Indian food in the chafing dishes. Also, their mango lassi is a nice way to finish your meal there.

    1. i adore the veggie burgers served at the counter.
      if you are not a vegan, and will eat dairy, i recommend the blue cheese as a topping.

      i also adore the vegetarian indian food served at samosa house. if you have any time constraints, samosa house will be a better bet for you. the food is served from a steam table, so you won't have to wait for anything to be prepared. be aware, though, that samosa house serves the food on styrofoam plates, so if this bothers you, you are forewarned. if you end up here, be sure to ask for a taste of their delicious mango/banana/pistascio soup which they keep behind the counter.

      re: mao's kitchen
      the food is extremely good, but the parking situation is a crap-shoot. if you have a time constraint, this might not be your place. be aware, this is 'california-chinese' food, not authentic chinese food, still it is VERY good. (i recommend the Mao's hometown).

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        Your best bet for parking sans $$ is to park in the neighborhood just east of Main Street...

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          if you go to leaf, be aware that they only serve raw food--nothing is cooked.
          even though i am a pescatarian/vegetarian, my digestive system rebelled at this.

          making a sandwich using raw kale instead of bread takes some getting used to. same goes for
          falafal that is dried instead of cooked

          1. re: westsidegal

            I didn't mention Leaf because my vegan sister found the place inedible for the most part. The 100% raw concept is beyond her. I've had their kale sandwiches/wraps with the wakame - I felt like I needed another four stomachs to properly digest all the green matter. The smoothies are about as close to "normal" food that non-raw vegans and eaters beyond are going to find there...