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Aug 27, 2008 01:34 PM

Lunch near the Pentagon?

I am visiting DC next week and have a Pentagon tour on Friday. I would like to eat lunch somewhere around there and would welcome suggestions. I'm looking for something relatively quick, good and not too expensive. Preferably $10 or less. I'm not too picky and enjoy trying a variety of foods.

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  1. Ride the Metro one stop to Pentagon City and follow your nose. There's a big mall with several mall restaurants and a food court. There's a street at the back side of the mall, I think the area is called Pentagon Row, with a number of decent non-mall (though several chain) restaurants, and another mall across the street with a couple more restaurants.

    Lots of places wher you can have lunch for $10.

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      Or go two stops to Crystal City, and go to Kabob Palace. Better than any place I can think of at Pentagon Row, and easy to do under $10.

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        Isn't Kabob Palace quite a hike from the Crystal City Metro stop? Not unreasonable if you get lucky or know which station exit to use, but probably about 15 minutes no matter how you go. There are a few places in Crystal City proper where you can get a decent lunch for $10, but nothing really special.

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          Thanks for the suggestions! We are on a limited time schedule so we will want to stay near the Pentagon.

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            Take the Pentagon City stop, go through the mall and the parking garage (exactly across the mall) and take the stairs. That is Pentagon Row. You could have Sandella's Flat Bread, Baja Fresh, or Noodles and Company. All reasonable choices for a quick, cheap lunch. There are also subway kiosks in the Pentagon and a Surf City Squeeze/Wrap place at the top of the 3rd deck. Since you will be on a guided tour, it is likely you will not be able to stop at those. if you are with an employee escort, you could do those.

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              If the weather is good, you don't even need to ride...just walk to the south parking lot and there is a tunnel that goes right under 395 and takes you into a big parking lot directly across the street from the Fashion Center. Cross the street, and go to the right of Macy's and walk behind the Harris Teeter and you will come out to the pentagon row with all kinds of choices. I work at the Pentagon and it is about a 10 min walk from the building to pentagon row.
              My personal faves are Lebanese Taverna and Saigon Saigon.

              1. re: DCDOLL

                I figured there must be some way to get from that parking lot to the Pentagon since it's official Pentagon parking during the week. I wasn't aware that there was a tunnel. Is access to that open to civilians?

                1. re: MikeR

                  by a tunnel, DCDOLL means the street under the expressway.

      2. You can eat on site with a personal tour; check out “ground zero” hot dog stand. It’s not much food but is in the central courtyard of the Pentagon and has a neat story. There are cafeterias and food courts sprinkled throughout the building. Most employees stay on site.

        If you are on the regular group tour then you are not able to dine in the Pentagon. You will have to leave the base. There is nothing near but parking lots. The closest option for walking is crossing the large parking lots and walking under the freeway to Pentagon City Mall and Pentagon Row (or take Metro). If you are particularly hale parts of Crystal City are walk able. Everything else would involve taking Metro or driving.

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          The Cold War hot dog stand is no longer currently in the center courtyard. there is a cafe now there.

        2. Duck! No, not the entree, but the action

          Sorry, couldn't resist