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Aug 27, 2008 12:57 PM

Lunch around Westerly Thursday, outdoor seating

Can anyone think of anything? My beloved Up River Cafe no longer serves lunch. Does Shelter Harbor Inn have outdoor seating? The game plan for my day off is a couple of hours at the beach at Watch Hill, then lunch, then a couple of wineries (Langworthy, Stonington, Jon.Edwards). Any ideas? How is the Olympia Tea Room? I've never been and no menu on their website. We're on a tight timeline tomorrow and I don't want to stray off that path so nothing down in Mystic or Stonington Borough. Thanks!

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  1. There is a new place called the Cooked Goose in-between Watch Hill and Westerly. We had a very nice lunch there a couple of weeks ago, and they do have outdoor seating.

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        There is Maria's in Misquamicut. Right across from Up River is a very nice tea house, right near Tim Hortons. Also near there is Prime Time. Right in Watch hill where the Watch Hill Inn used to be there is an oyster bar which has a nice view. On the way into Misquamicut there is Fra's, casual but great food. Near Misquamicut is Langworthy Vineyard, wine is not bad. Olympia Tea Room is overpriced for soso food. We sometimes go there just because the setting is pretty. The new My Mary's opened in Westerly but I am not sure if they serve lunch. Have fun! Watch Hill beaches are the best!

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          Watch Hill Inn is still there, downtown, and that's where we ate - nice lunch, nice outdoor deck (2nd level) w/a view of the water. HOWEVER.....after getting slapped w/a $75 parking ticket (yes, that's not a typo) I will never - I mean NEVER - go back to Watch Hill ever again. I'll never spend another penny of my money anywhere in Westerly and I will tell anyone who will listen to do the same. The 2 hr limit on the parking? is PER DAY. We spent 90 minutes on the beach, left, and came back and got a different spot to have lunch, spent 75 minutes that time. Came back to the ticket. Yes, my bad.....underneath the sign saying 2 hrs is a smaller sign saying "per day" but I never noticed it, I've never heard of a town having a per day limit on parking. I love Up River Cafe but not enough for me to overcome my revulsion for the entire town. The hell w/you Westerly, I'll go to Newport & Narragansett where my tourist dollars are appreciated.

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            Oh well they call it tourist season, so why can't we shoot em!