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Aug 27, 2008 12:55 PM

A bar, a big TV and the DNC?

Hey, it's the last two nights of the Democratic National Convention and I'm tired of watching the excitement at home alone. Can anyone recommend a good bar with a Big TV and some Chow-approved bar food (even Happy Hour?) in the Westwood/West L.A. area?

Our man Bill's speaking at 6 p.m. tonight and it'd be great to watch him with and appreciative crowd and a good beer in hand. Any suggestions?

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  1. It might be too far, but this restaurant in Calabasas is having a 'thing' tomorrow night:

    1. What a great question, Reeter1. Perhaps somewhere at the Bonaventure or the Biltmore which I seem to recall are the Dems election hangouts.


      1. you can find events by zipcode on a google map on barack's website.

        you should find something here.

        1. I liked Stone Fire Pizza Co. on La Cienega because they have lots of TV's. We watched the Olympics Opening Ceremonies there and it was nice. Happy Hour with 1/2 price pizzas until 7pm.