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Aug 27, 2008 12:32 PM

Best Sushi in DC

I'm looking for a nice sushi place for dinner, does anyone have an opinion as to which restaurant in DC serves the best sushi?

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  1. sushi ko is a good option, but calling somewhere "the best" will certainly be open to interpretation.

    1. My current favorite is the new Sushi Ko just over the DC line in Chevy Chase. If you have to stay in DC the original Sushi Ko is just down Wisc Ave.

      1. Please search the board, but in general you will see Sushi Ko, Makoto, and Kaz mentioned the most. Sushi Ko for best straight up sushi, Makoto for the ultimate upscale Japanese experience, and Kaz for the most inventive cuisine.

        1. For straight up sushi that won't break the bank I like Sushi Taro in the Dupont area. Sushi Ko and Kaz are better overall restaurants, but I have had inconsistent experiences with their sushi.

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          1. re: rappel75

            I second Sushi Taro in fact we're headed there tonight.

            1. re: jrl2929

              Thirded. Taro is my choice for the best sushi in town. Sushi Ko in a close second. Best bang for the buck is Kotobuki though.

              1. re: Adam23

                Kotobuki is a great value. Thanks for reminding me of that place.