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Irish Pub, Melbourne

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There used to be an Irish Pub in downtown Melbourne, and the name has scaped me.
1. Does anyone know if still open?
2. The name?


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  1. Google says Meg O'Malleys. It looks to be open http://www.megomalleys.com/

    1. megs has been closed since may because of a fire. they plan to be open before their annual meg-o-ween party in oct.

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      1. re: brevardbelly

        For non-locals, Meg-o-Ween is Meg's Halloween party.

        1. re: brevardbelly

          It looks like a fun place. That's good news they're getting it re-opened.
          My in-laws live in Melbourne but the only place I have been there is to their house!

          1. re: brevardbelly

            Thanks for the info on Meg O'Malleys (that was the place I remembered)
            Do you have a recomendation around the same area?


            1. re: TampaPete

              Are you looking for food, drink, both?

              1. re: cavandre

                Looking for both.
                #1 beer
                #2 food

                1. re: TampaPete

                  On the other side of the street from Meg's, there's the Main Steet Pub. Out by the mall, there's Duffy's Sports Grill. It's part of a FL chain. ( www.duffysportsgrill.com)

                  1. re: cavandre

                    Much appreciated.
                    Will try Main Street Pub first

                    1. re: TampaPete


                      If you like beer, I must bring Charlie & Jake's to your attention. They make decent barbeque, especially their pulled pork sandwich. Even better is their beer...they brew it themselves & they are very good. They always have 4 or 5 of their own brews on tap, along with the usual domestics. They have 2 locations in the Melbourne area. One is on Eau Gallie, out on the islands. The second is at the north end of Wickham Road, just north of the Pineda Causeway intersection. Cheers!

                      1. re: cavandre

                        I will second the brew at C&J's.. their brew has been rated very highly in contest and festivels. I even bought a beers of the world book with taste tests and ratings and a couple of their brews were in there, all with 3-4 stars (5 being the max) and that book didnt give out to many 4 stars

                        1. re: FloridaE46

                          I 3rd!

          2. The name is Meg O Malleys. It had a fire & is now under reconstruction. I believe they are shooting for October as a re-open date.

            1. Meg O' Mallley's has re-opened. October 22nd was the official grand re-opening date. Thanks to all of our loyal customers who waitied patiently for us to re-open!! We hare having our annual Meg O Ween street festival Saturday November 1st 2008 from 6pm to 12:30. $1,000.00 in cash and prizes for the best costume. Hope to see you there

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              1. re: meg o malley

                Welcome back, the town hasn't been the same with you closed!

                1. re: cavandre

                  Thanks cavandre! We are so glad to be back doing our thing! Downtown Melbourne has really come back to life!!

                  1. re: meg o malley

                    Well now that you have the Main Meg's back up & running, you need to consider putting a little Meg's up here in Suntree. There's lots of places that sell drinks up here, but no real pubs.

                    1. re: cavandre

                      Now now, cav, I don't think the friendly BCSO would take too kindly to a bunch of drunks full of Bare Knuckles speeding down Wickham at 3 am. . .;-)

                      1. re: Covert Ops

                        We need a compromise between that & the present situation, where most places up here are nearly empty by 9pm. I spent most of my life in the NYC area...I can't eat supper at 5pm.